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    Question about Faction Change

    So for my next alt i made a shaman, and i decided i would make him a dwarf (even though i play horde) so i could see the alliance side of things on my server and experience most of the new alliance quests...

    hes currently 62, and some time after he hits 85 he will undergo faction change and join his horde brothers...

    So i was wondering... are there any alliance only mounts / pets / flavor items i should get before i faction change that exclusive to the alliance or at least cheaper / easier to get.

    i know most things swap to a faction equivalent but there are some things that stay...

    currently all i can think of is the cat vendor in SW and the sprite darter pet.

    any recommendations?

    also: still debating what horde race he should become, leaning towards orc or golbin atm, so if anyone has an opinion on whats better for shaman I'm all ears.

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    - all the 'white' pets: moths from Draenei, the cats in SWC (but also the NPC lil' Timmy that's a random spawn who sells the white kitten, which can be AH'ed for shitloads of money), the owls from the Nelves, Rabbits from Dwarves, ...
    - all the 'blue' pets from the Argent Tournament dailies, they'll take some time to get but they're very nice to sell on AH
    and that's all I can currently think of.

    As to what Race he should become, I'd say make a lowbie Orc and Gobbers and see which one you can picture yourself playing with the most. I've tried Goblin (female), but apart from the nifty hairstyles I got bored with that toon really fast and R-changed her to UD xD
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