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    GW2 Skills Tool

    Not sure many have seen this but it looks fairly accurate. Kinda nice to look at the situational abilities and all the weapon combinations:

    Just make sure to choose the United Kingdom flag for english.

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    It's accurate thus far, most of the Engineer skills are still MIA.

    Ah well, here's hoping the Elixir Gun and Med Kit are OP! Jk jk, but I'm digging being a freelance profession. Support role ftw!

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    *ensue some pretty gruesome healing*
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    It's cool, but I don't see much use in it at the moment since we can't play the game number one, and surely some skills aren't final yet. It is interesting to see what the abilities do for each class at the moment, and how we'll be able to customize our bars when the game is finally available. It's a nice fine, it will definitely sway my premeditated profession choice, which is currently Guardian.

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    I have went over every class and weapon combination that's out. I'm sure some will either be replaced or added but it's nice to get an idea what is currently known. It's going to be so hard to choose just one character to play, they all look fun in their own right.

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