The Opening Ceremony has Started!
Stay tuned for updates as they happen.

Update 2:52 PM EST: The Warlords of Draenor trailer is playing
Update 2:47 PM EST: The dark days from the early Warcraft are coming again and will be the Alliance's finest hour.
Update 2:44 PM EST: Draenor produced some of the biggest villains of Warcraft, but the races of Azeroth came together to stop them.
Update 2:43 PM EST: Many WoW players never got to see the early Blizzard games or earlier Warcraft story.
Update 2:42 PM EST: The team has been thinking about the early days with the first Blizzard games.
Update 2:40 PM EST: Chris Metzen is here to talk about the next chapter of WoW
Update 2:37 PM EST: Pardo is talking about Hillsbrad and Southshore, Onyxia, and other things from Vanilla. Next the Dark Portal, AQ Gate opening, Corrupted Blood and other fun shared experiences.
Update 2:31 PM EST: Hearthstone is coming to iPhone and Android in the second half of next year
Update 2:30 PM EST: Hearthstone is adding animated golden hero cards, earned in the new Ranked Play mode.
Update 2:29 PM EST: Hearthstone Blizzcon card is Elite Tauren Chieftain.
Update 2:29 PM EST: Hearthstone is hopefully going into open beta next month
Update 2:26 PM EST: Rob Pardo is taking the stage to talk about Hearthstone
Update 2:25 PM EST: Heroes of the Storm beta opt in begins today!
Update 2:24 PM EST: Heroes is playable today at Blizzcon.
Update 2:20 PM EST: Heroes will have Blackheart's Bay, collect treasure, deliver to evil pirate lord, who joins you and uses cannon on enemies. Haunted Mines where you collect skulls, combine them to create giant golem which will help your team. Dragonshire map will let you capture altar, send hero to altar, will be transformed into more powerful version of the hero.
Update 2:20 PM EST: Heroes of the Storm gameplay video playing
Update 2:17 PM EST: Dustin Browder took the stage to talk about Heroes of the Storm
Update 2:15 PM EST: Heroes of the Storm cinematic playing
Update 2:05 PM EST: now redirects to
Update 2:00 PM EST: Mike Morhaime is taking the stage

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  1. Faldric's Avatar
    When do you talk about history......When you go back in time.

    Soon he will say: BUT What if that all never happened?
  1. Thallidomaniac's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kon View Post
    It will be interesting to see of Heroes of the Storm will be free or not, seeing as Dota 2 went F2P to compete with LoL.
    IIRC, they said that it will be a stand-alone product, and will be F2P. It has to be F2P in order to have any chance of competing with DOTA and LoL. Heroes of Newerth tried the P2P route, but it didn't work out.
  1. Arent's Avatar

    - - - Updated - - -

    Gameplay and Cinematic trailer for Heroes of the storm!
  1. Faldric's Avatar
    When do you talk about history......When you go back in time.

    Soon he will say: BUT What if that all never happened?
  1. bison91's Avatar
    Dark portal rocks!
  1. Grelsha's Avatar
    Yep we're time travelling - they're building to it with the whole history chat
  1. Frozenbeef's Avatar
    Dammnit thrall get off the stage >.<
  1. FunkyRaccoon's Avatar
    Ooo, managed to get it streaming just in time!

    Didn't think this would be free!
  1. noralya's Avatar
    It's happening!!!!
  1. Panquake's Avatar
    Here we go, what we've all been waiting for.
  1. Akhorahil's Avatar
    Its comin'
  1. stuartj1992's Avatar
    Get to the point Metzen!
  1. Jce's Avatar
    The suspense is killing me
  1. Grelsha's Avatar
    Great beard
  1. FunkyRaccoon's Avatar
    Draenor here we come?
  1. Grelsha's Avatar
    Metzen loves the Horde
  1. Frozenbeef's Avatar
    Metzen for horde warchief...oh wait..
  1. Panquake's Avatar
    Moar Horde Bias
  1. noralya's Avatar
    Fuck, time travel.
  1. nanoneo's Avatar
    Blizzcon!! Warlods of draenor is coming!

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