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Warcraft Movie Release Delayed - March 11, 2016
You can see what we learned about the movie at Blizzcon here.

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  1. cityguy193's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Immitis View Post
    it pretty much is, the page even says so itself.

    it even points out that video game movies are just like comic book movies, comic book movies used to suck because they werent made by people who understood them or cared about them.

    now comic book movies are made by people who do and we have a whole universe of marvel movies
    And some comic book movies completely flop, even if they are in well known universes. Having a person that isnt old isnt what you need for a good movie, nor was it an actual contributing factor to a movie's success.

    Anyways, I have low expectations for this movie, and will be pleasantly surprised if it ends up with a metacritic or rottentomatoes score above 60
  1. chrth's Avatar
    "Your desire for a release date is no match for the power of the Force"
  1. tgrshdw's Avatar
    they shouldnt have waited this long. so many people are already quitting the game and losing interest. the story better be good and do old fans proud.
  1. kukui's Avatar
    And it starts again...
    I don't think we will ever see this movie come to see the light of day.
  1. Mormolyce's Avatar
    100% expected, big projects like massive movies always blow out and we're still a long way off.
  1. Thorianrage's Avatar
    too many star wars fans..., its not as big as a whole on the cinemas, only the fan base hypes it ;/

    they can easily release this around then, they must have other reasons, im betting more on metzen input, though i think the director said he wanted more control over it, its most likely that, this was at the panel at blizzcon.
  1. bloaf's Avatar
    When the movie finally comes out will WoW still be relevant?
  1. hookus's Avatar
    no surprise here, no movie wants to go against Star Wars. I was expecting them to announce it sooner though(blizzon), when Star Wars announced its release date it was obvious that Warcraft will move.
  1. Hugh Wattmate's Avatar
    Cant wait!
  1. Gulvak's Avatar
    I love how fucking preemptively defensive people are here.
  1. Nathiest's Avatar
    Just in time for my 40th birthday. Nice.
  1. Dampo's Avatar
    I love fantasy movies, Lord Of The Rings 1,2,3, Hobbit, Avatar, Harry Potter movies. I hope they will make wow movie in class of those and it will be epic. Cmon blizzard i dont care how long it takes for you to make it but make it goooooooooood and no b movie effects etc
  1. nulir's Avatar
    Just Blizzard being Blizzard. XD
  1. Snorlax's Avatar
    This is a good thing. Nothing is going to be able to compete with Star Wars and moving it up isn't going to help that either. Giving it a summer release is a really good idea overall and it'll give them more time to work on it.
  1. plaits's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by cityguy193 View Post
    Anyways, I have low expectations for this movie, and will be pleasantly surprised if it ends up with a metacritic or rottentomatoes score above 60
    I think that's the key. To have low expectations. I'm not being facetious.

    I have very low expectations about movies, games, everything. I don't get sucked into the hype. I wait until I see a movie or hear and album or play a game for myself before making up my mind. This way I am almost always pleasantly surprised in one way or another. It means the real duds really stand out, too.

    I have exceedingly low expectations for the Warcraft movie. If it gets released, isn't universally loathed by critics and fans alike, and actually makes Blizzard some kind of cash, I'll regard it as successful.

    Why do people always ask if WoW will be relevant by then? The Warcraft franchise has been around for nearly 20 years. Warcraft didn't begin with WoW, and it won't end with it, either.
  1. Staticus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Shurkuris View Post
    They will probably delay this to use as marketing material for the WoW expansion pack that it comes out with.
    Er, isn't it WoD that's meant to be the marketing material for the film?
  1. ovamaestro's Avatar
    ....soon (tm)
  1. Zeph76's Avatar
    Im 100% sure the reason is the Star Wars movie having the exact same premiere date!
  1. Simca's Avatar
    Meh, it's only moving 3 months.
  1. Durandro's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bloaf View Post
    When the movie finally comes out will WoW still be relevant?
    Perhaps not, but its not a 'WoW movie', its a Warcraft movie.

    Some people may not be able to tell the difference, but if we're talking accurately then this movie is based loosely on the events of a 20 year old game. So 'relevance' is a pretty moot point.

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