Valor Points Rewards

Justice Points are earned through 5-man dungeons in Cataclysm, the points gains are as follow:
  • Cataclysm Heroic dungeon boss -- 75 Justice Points
  • Cataclysm daily normal dungeon -- 75 Justice Points
  • Cataclysm daily Heroic dungeon -- 75 Valor Points
  • Cataclysm 10-player raid boss -- 75 Valor Points
  • Cataclysm 25-player raid boss -- 105 Valor Points
Level Type Spec Slot Name Price
346Off-HandMeleeOff-HandDawnblaze Blade950 x
346Off-HandPhysical DPSOff-HandThroat Slasher950 x
346Off-HandPhysical DPSOff-HandWindslicer950 x
346Off-HandSpell DPSOff-HandHermit's Lamp950 x
346Off-HandSpell SpiritOff-HandApple-Bent Bough950 x
346ShieldSpell SpiritOff HandShield of the Mists950 x
346ShieldTankOff HandShield of the Four Grey Towers950 x
346PlateMeleeChestBreastplate of Raging Fury2,200 x
346PlateMeleeHandsReaping Gauntlets1,650 x
346PlateMeleeHeadHelm of Easeful Death2,200 x
346PlateMeleeLegsGreaves of Gallantry2,200 x
346PlateMeleeShoulderPauldrons of the High Requiem1,650 x
346PlateMeleeWaistBeech Green Belt1,650 x
346PlateSpell SpiritChestChestguard of Dancing Waves2,200 x
346PlateSpell SpiritHandsGloves of Curious Conscience1,650 x
346PlateSpell SpiritHeadCrown of the Blazing Sun2,200 x
346PlateSpell SpiritLegsLegguards of the Gentle2,200 x
346PlateSpell SpiritShoulderPauldrons of the Forlorn1,650 x
346PlateSpell SpiritWaistBelt of Barred Clouds1,650 x
346PlateTankChestChestplate of the Steadfast2,200 x
346PlateTankHandsNumbing Handguards1,650 x
346PlateTankHeadHelm of the Proud2,200 x
346PlateTankLegsGreaves of Splendor2,200 x
346PlateTankShoulderSunburnt Pauldrons1,650 x
346PlateTankWaistGirdle of the Mountains1,650 x
346MailPhysical DPSChestVest of the True Companion2,200 x
346MailPhysical DPSHandsGloves of the Passing Night1,650 x
346MailPhysical DPSHeadWillow Mask2,200 x
346MailPhysical DPSLegsHillside Striders2,200 x
346MailPhysical DPSShoulderWrap of the Valley Glades1,650 x
346MailPhysical DPSWaistBelt of the Dim Forest1,650 x
346MailSpell DPSHandsGleaning Gloves1,650 x
346MailSpell SpiritChestVest of the Waking Dream2,200 x
346MailSpell SpiritHeadHelm of the Inward Eye2,200 x
346MailSpell SpiritLegsLeggings of Soothing Silence2,200 x
346MailSpell SpiritShoulderSeafoam Mantle1,650 x
346MailSpell SpiritWaistBelt of the Still Stream1,650 x
346LeatherMeleeLegsLeggings of the Burrowing Mole2,200 x
346LeatherMeleeWaistSash of Musing1,650 x
346LeatherPhysical DPSChestTunic of Sinking Envy2,200 x
346LeatherPhysical DPSHandsSticky Fingers1,650 x
346LeatherPhysical DPSHeadMask of Vines2,200 x
346LeatherPhysical DPSShoulderEmbrace of the Night1,650 x
346LeatherSpell DPSLegsLeggings of Late Blooms2,200 x
346LeatherSpell SpiritChestRobes of Forgetfulness2,200 x
346LeatherSpell SpiritHandsBlessed Hands of Elune1,650 x
346LeatherSpell SpiritHeadCluster of Stars2,200 x
346LeatherSpell SpiritShoulderSomber Shawl1,650 x
346LeatherSpell SpiritWaistThatch Eave Vines1,650 x
346ClothSpell DPSChestRobes of Embalmed Darkness2,200 x
346ClothSpell DPSHandsGloves of the Painless Midnight1,650 x
346ClothSpell DPSHeadCowl of Pleasant Gloom2,200 x
346ClothSpell DPSLegsPensive Legwraps2,200 x
346ClothSpell DPSShoulderMeadow Mantle1,650 x
346ClothSpell DPSWaistIncense Infused Cumberbund1,650 x
346ClothSpell SpiritChestMusk Rose Robes2,200 x
346ClothSpell SpiritHandsGloves of Purification1,650 x
346ClothSpell SpiritHeadMask of New Snow2,200 x
346ClothSpell SpiritLegsLeggings of Charity2,200 x
346ClothSpell SpiritShoulderSummer Song Shoulderwraps1,650 x
346ClothSpell SpiritWaistBelt of the Falling Rain1,650 x
346NeckMeleeNeckPendant of Quiet Breath1,250 x
346NeckPhysical DPSNeckAmulet of Dull Dreaming1,250 x
346NeckSpell DPSNeckString of Beaded Bubbles1,250 x
346NeckSpell SpiritNeckCeladon Pendant1,250 x
346NeckTankNeckThe Lustrous Eye1,250 x

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