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by Published on 2017-05-08 01:24 AM

Necromancer Q&A - Live Updates

Top Standard, Wild, and Heroic Brawl Decks of the Week for May 7

Armory Stats - Legion Flying Achievements
Today we are taking a look at how players are doing at earning achievements required for flying in Legion. The chart below shows the percentage of players that have earned each achievement, with a total of 1.8 million US and EU accounts that were active in the last month.

Flying should come in handy when class mounts become available! If you haven't completed it yet, you can use our Flying Progress Tool to see what you have left!

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Name Points Category
Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One Complete the Broken Isles achievements listed below.
Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part Two Complete the Broken Isles achievements listed below.
Loremaster of Legion Complete the Legion quest achievements listed below.
Broken Isles Explorer Explore the regions of the Broken Isles.
Broken Isles Diplomat Earn Revered with all of the Broken Isles reputations listed below.
Variety is the Spice of Life Complete 100 different World Quests.
A Glorious Campaign Complete your class Order Campaign.
10Class Hall
Legionfall Commander Earn Revered status with the Armies of Legionfall.
Explore Broken Shore Explore the Broken Shore, revealing the covered areas of the world map.

Raidbots - SimCraft in the Cloud
Our friends over at Raidbots have put together an easy-to-use web-based UI for SimulationCraft that runs on powerful servers. It lets you do lots of comparisons, such as:

  • Stat Weights - Generate weights and Pawn strings for your character
  • Gear Compare - See if that new item is better, check out legendary combinations, and more
  • Talent Compare - Set up various builds and see which is best for different types of fights
  • Relic Compare - Sensing a pattern yet?
  • Top Gear - Find the best combination of gear from your bags.
  • Advanced - run any SimulationCraft input, also works with addons like SimPermut, SimcTrinketComparison
  • All of the features above can export the SimC input so you can run and modify on your own local copy of SimC

If you haven't heard of it, SimulationCraft is an open source program which simulates WoW combat. It's one of many tools used by theorycrafters to figure out optimal rotations, gearing strategies, etc. It's also used to help determine custom stat weights, perform personal gear comparisons and more.

The biggest challenge with SimulationCraft is that it has a learning curve, can require quite a bit of fiddling to get set up the way you want it, and is incredibly hungry for CPU power. Raidbots attempts to make it easier to do the more common tasks and run simulations on powerful servers.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Folks, including myself, are rather puzzled. We were told one thing during Blizzcon, then something that implied the opposite at this Q&A. Some clarification would be appreciated. Many want to know if there's still plans to continue Vol'jin's story, as was hinted at last year.
It was a light-hearted remark. Vol'jin IS dead, but of course there is much more story to tell when it comes to his legacy. (WatcherDev)

Ghostcrawler Tweets
Ghostcrawler occasionally talks about WoW and game design, often providing topics for discussion. Remember that he no longer works for or speaks for Blizzard.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
In the previous expansion, WoW introduced a talent for protection warriors that allowed them to have a DPS build and play as DPS. In your opinion, considering the role dynamics of WoW, what are the biggest downsides (design-wise) to have a tank spec being able to perform with a DPS build and what are some advantages? Do the benefits of that implementation outweigh the costs? Can you think of some other games you know (online or not, RPG or not) where that implementation might work great?
This was Gladiator Stance, right? I didn’t work on that feature and don’t have any context on the intent.

In general, it’s often a question of fairness. Is it okay for one tank spec to be able to do damage while the other tanks cannot? Do you then add the ability for paladins etc. do be able to do DPS in their tank spec? Even if you have to spend a point on the talent, presumably that still gives you a lot more flexibility with regard to gear and other talent points than say a paladin does. We even ran into this problem with Feral druids, which ultimately encouraged us to split the spec into separate melee DPS and tanking trees.

You may recall, around the time of Lich King, we experimented with letting DKs tank with any spec. This was in an era when alts were still relatively challenging to level and gear up, and respecing was painful and expensive (though I still did it every week in (old) Karazhan).

Adding dual-spec pretty much killed the need for this. I have mixed feelings about dual-spec. It definitely gave a lot of flexibility to players, and since the only cost of respecing was hassle, it made sense just to ease that hassle. But I definitely think it made each of our individual characters (not the classes, but the characters themselves) less unique. No longer did I have a Demonology warlock with (for better or worse) max ranks in Demonic Knowledge and Master Conjurer . I just had a warlock who could be whatever he wanted to be at any moment in time depending on the immediate needs of a boss fight or how much I wanted to PvP. Diablo 2 made you commit to your talent trees, and there was something kind of cool about that compared to the unparalleled flexibility of Diablo 3.

I know that may sound like I just want to make life tougher for players, but that’s not really it. I think constraints can be a good thing for the game and ultimately more fun for players. It may just be hard to see that in the short term when it feels like the game is arbitrarily getting in the way of something you want to do. But it may feel like it in the long term when your character is something different from every other character in town. (Source)

Poll - Flying
We now have an idea of how the general population is doing at unlocking flying, but how are you doing?

Dark Legacy Comics #583
DLC #583 has been released!

by Published on 2017-05-06 04:57 AM

Necromancer Q&A - Live Updates

Today in Hearthstone: We Learn Nothing New About Card Pack Drop Rates

Upcoming PvP Tuning Changes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We're going to be making a few PvP tuning changes early next week, with a focus on Guardian Druids. Due to how close these changes will be to the next North American Qualifier tournament, we wanted to give everyone advanced warning. These changes are still in test (and could change), and will not be applied to live servers until Tuesday.

Demon Hunter - Havoc:
-Chaotic Onslaught can no longer cause Chaos Strike to trigger more than one additional Chaos Strike in PvP situations.
-Rain from Above will now properly suppress all root effects when cast, such as Frost Nova.

Druid - Guardian:
-Pawsitive Outlook can no longer cause Thrash to trigger more than one additional Thrash in PvP situations.
-Sharpened Claws increases Thrash and Swipe damage by 25%, down from 50%.
-Frenzied Regeneration now heals for 25% of damage taken in the last 5 seconds, down from 50%.
-PvP Template Agility reduced by 5%.
-PvP Template Stamina reduced by 5%.

Monk - Brewmaster:
-Stave Off can no longer cause Keg Smash to trigger more than one additional Keg Smash in PvP situations.

Warrior - Fury:
-Oathblood can no longer cause Bloodthirst to trigger more than one additional Bloodthirst in PvP situations.

Recent Actions Against Win-Trading
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We’ve recently taken action against a number of accounts involved in win-trading in Rated Battlegrounds. This is a clear violation of the World of Warcraft Terms of Service, as well as the spirit of competitive play.

When we took these actions, we believed that the accounts being affected were used primarily by seller agencies, who exchange in-game wins for real-world currency, and not for normal gameplay, and so they were issued permanent closures. Once those actions were completed, we started hearing from players whose accounts had been affected but were not affiliated with a seller agency.

We then began an immediate re-investigation of all accounts. That investigation concluded that there were indeed some players caught in this action who should not have been hit with a permanent account closure. Those that were not involved with seller agencies but still found to be purposefully involved in win-trading have had their closures reduced to a suspension, with a duration fitting the severity the win-trading they participated in, and beginning on May 1st (the date we applied the initial closures). For some extremely minor offenses, that duration was short enough that it has already been lifted. Affected players should have received an email that indicates the corrected action.

We also discovered a small number of players whose accounts had been closed but had not engaged in any win-trading at all. We are deeply sorry to have punished those players incorrectly, and in addition to overturning their account closures, we have issued them with 30 days of additional game time as an apology.

We’d like to make it clear that we have fully identified the error that caused this issue to occur, and can be confident in saying that future actions do not make the same mistake. That said, we’d also like to remind players that win-trading in order to earn things like Honor, Artifact Power, or Achievements is still win-trading, and is subject to the same punishments as win-trading in order to gain rating.

Again, we apologize for the inaccuracies of our original actions. While we remain committed to upholding the integrity of rated play, we will take more care to ensure that the correct actions are taken in the future.

FEEDBACK: Tomb Raid Finder Wing 2
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Tomb of Sargeras is now open for testing Raid Finder difficulty. Specifically, the second wing (Wailing Halls) is now available on the PTR. We expect to keep the wing open for the entire weekend.

Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding the second wing encounters, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs.

Thank you to everyone helps test!

Cosplay Guide - Becoming Illidari
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Embrace your inner Illidari and step into cosplay with this visual guide. We’ve put together a series of images that demonstrate what makes the Demon Hunter a truly iconic Warcraft character.

Download the complete PDF here so you can design some gear and join Illidan’s chosen!
by Published on 2017-05-05 06:29 AM

Necromancer Q&A - Live Updates

Hearthstone Breaks the All-Time Daily Active Players Metric with Journey to Un'Goro

Activision Blizzard Earnings Call
The quarterly Activision Blizzard earnings call was today:

  • Activision Blizzard had 431 million Monthly Active Users in the quarter.
  • Blizzard's revenues from in-game content grew more than 25% year-over-year, driven by revenues from World of Warcraft in-game content and continued strength of Overwatch customization items.
  • Blizzard had record first-quarter time spent, up a double-digit percentage year-over-year.
  • With a regular content and feature update cadence, World of Warcraft time spent grew year-over-year in the first quarter.
  • Legion's overall performance is slightly ahead of the prior expansion.
  • Hearthstone set a new all-time Daily Active Users record last month with the release of a new expansion, Journey to Un'Goro.
  • Blizzard had the biggest Q1 online player community in its history with MAUs of 41 million, up 58% year-over-year.
  • Hearthstone MAUsA grew year-over-year and quarter-over-quarter, despite no content releases in the first quarter, and recently surpassed the 70 million registered player milestone life-to-date.
  • In late January, Overwatch had its fourth seasonal event, Year of the Rooster, to celebrate the lunar new year. The event drove engagement records for the game.
  • Blizzard launched a fifth seasonal event in April, Uprising, including a player-versus-environment game mode which drew record time spent.
  • Overwatch continues to be Blizzard's fastest growing new franchise, reaching over 30 million players globally less than a year after launch.
  • Overwatch is now the 8th billion-dollar franchise in Activision Blizzard's portfolio.

Addon - World Quest Assistant
World Quest Assistant is an addon that allows you to quickly find or create a group for world quests.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Dungeons and Raids
Im trying to mog run though HFC on my DH and cant get past Gorefiend to last bosses. Any way 2? Help plz
Help is on the way! In Patch 7.2.5, if there is only one target, Gorefiend will no longer cast Shadow of Death. Enj… (WarcraftDevs)

If you're going to resourcify BrM Mastery stacks, you'll need to modify it to stop stuff like this happening:
"Worst Case" meaning 'if you never dodge except at 100% dodge'? Why model/consider something so unrealistic? (Celestalon)
I just did some in-game testing. Out of 172 dodges (against 3 targets), 20 times EB reached over 100% before a dodge occurred. That's 11.6%.
Yes, but that's a far *far* cry from "Mastery between 28% and 42% is functionally useless". That's just false. (Celestalon)
Those are merely breakpoints where the value per point drops somewhat. The value per point between those is not 0%. (Celestalon)

Ghostcrawler Tweets
Ghostcrawler still occasionally talks about WoW. Remember that he no longer works for or speaks for Blizzard.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
When developers/designers give answers that are less than satisfying like “the technology isn’t there yet”, was that usually the actual answer and the explanation for it would be technical jargon that would be too boring/advanced for most people to read/understand or was it a euphemism for something else like “too expensive for too little return” or “trade secrets, can’t tell you”?

In my experience, it’s usually legit. My general philosophy is that game players are pretty intelligent and they have the power of crowd sourcing any problem, so they’ll usually figure out when you’re not being completely honest.

So I will be honest that sometimes we are truthful but a little vague just because we don’t want a lot of folks with a little bit of subject matter knowledge but missing a whole lot of context chiming in about how we’re wrong. Those are kind of tedious conversations to have, and they don’t often seem to really end up with either party feeling better for having had the discussion.

This sounds harsher than I intend, but the kind of thing you see a lot is “I took a couple of classes of computer science, so I can tell you for a fact that the problem is that the developers didn’t use Java and I could fix this problem in my sleep.” You get the idea.

I see this a lot with statistics too. “Oh, but you probably forgot to exclude the level 1-30 players” or “You’re treating it as a normal distribution, but it should be binomial, or whatever.” It’s unlikely our business intelligence folks would overlook something really obvious, but if you try and engage in those conversations, it spirals out of control really quickly. It feels like you often get to the point where the only logical conclusion is “Okay, let me send you over all the data so you understand the nuance, and then I’ll walk you through how we came up with the analysis we did.” They are just long conversations and don’t often change the results. Maybe it’s a kind of victory if you get those few interested players to understand your logic, but you’re probably better off focusing your efforts on something with a better return for players overall.

So we fall back a lot on “This is our conclusion from looking at the data,” which isn’t very satisfying for some players, but I haven’t yet come up with a more fruitful way to have the conversation. (Source)

FinalBossTV #138 - Guardian Druids
This week focuses on Guardian Druids!

by Published on 2017-05-04 05:23 AM

Necromancer Q&A - Live Updates

What Does 12 Wins Wild Brawl Look Like? Check out These Lists!

Addon - Legion Invasion Timer
The Legion Invasion Timer addon is helpful for keeping track of upcoming invasions if you are still working on Defender of the Broken Isles.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Legionfall United Proc Rate
We've double and triple checked, but I just wanted to confirm that no changes have been made to Legionfall United - and the ability is still functioning as it should.

Seems like it was just a spot of bad luck that a few folks shared! (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Upcoming Mythic Keystone Changes
To clarify: with these changes, the chest at the end of each Mythic+ run would contain a total of 3 items (2 if you don't beat the timer). That's split across the group, not per-person.

So yes, it's fewer total items than a 3-chest finish in 7.2. However, it's an increase in items for players doing 1-chest clears at an appropriate difficulty level. This is also why I mentioned that the difficulty cap for M+ will be increasing to 15 once Tomb opens on Mythic. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Death Knight (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
Upcoming Crypt Fever Change
Crypt Fever is changing to have a high chance on each healing event to deal more damage than it does currently on live. This change is to smooth out the Honor Talent's power based on the type of healer you are facing, while still keeping an emphasis that this is powerful against heal over time effects. We'll be tuning the proc rate and internal cooldown to make sure we're hitting the numbers we want against each type of healer.

Fix Necrotic Strike!
Changes to Necrotic Strike are coming in 7.2.5 too! (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Monk (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
Bewmaster Tier 20 Set Bonuses
FYI, the datamined Brewmaster T20 bonuses are an old draft. New draft is this:

2T20: Drinking a Brew triggers Gift of the Ox.
4T20: Gift of the Ox orbs also purify 10% of your staggered damage.

For clarification, numbers in that set bonus idea are not final (thus calling it a draft). We're thinking now that 10% is likely too high, but that the concept sounds good. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Fists of Fury
The increased range is becoming baseline for PvE, so that's why.
Correct, Fists of Fury is gaining a range increase baseline, so this part of the Honor Talent has been removed. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

FEEDBACK: Tomb of Sargeras Raid Trinkets
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Please post any feedback you may have regarding the trinkets that will drop in Tomb of Sargeras in this thread. The trinkets will be for sale in Dalaran from Tombataur as soon as a hotfix is applied.

All of the Nighthold trinkets are also for sale to allow for better side by side comparison. The tuning on these trinkets at time of posting is in the right general area, but outliers may exist and are subject to future tuning.

We have no plans to change any existing trinkets from the Nighthold at this time. Changing trinkets that players have collected over the course of the last few months is our last course of action, as having things that used to be cool that you are relying on to kill bosses become not cool so you can collect new things is rude at best.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Any plans to fix this whole tank situation (i.e. guardian druids) in arenas?
We're looking into tank balance in PvP, and plan to make some adjustments to at least Guardian in the near future. (WarcraftDevs)

Dark Legacy Comics #582
DLC #582 has been released.

by Published on 2017-05-03 01:38 AM

Update: Added a clarification.

Patch 7.2.5 PTR - Build 24026

Upcoming Mythic Keystone Changes
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We’ve been thrilled to see how positively players have responded to Mythic Keystone dungeons since Legion’s release. However, there are a couple areas in which our original design for the system hasn’t quite matched up with how things have worked out in practice. In an upcoming 7.2.5 PTR build, we’re going to try out a couple of changes to how Keystone runs work.

The first big change is that we’re getting rid of the depletion mechanic. We’d originally imagined that getting ahold of a Keystone would be more of a barrier than it is, but in reality, there are so many players participating that it’s generally not too difficult to find someone with a Keystone you’d like to run. In that environment, depleting a Keystone is more of an annoyance than anything else – especially when it happens for reasons outside of your control (such as a player disconnecting).

Instead, we’re going to try the following:
  • Completing the run on time will have the same results it currently does in 7.2: you’ll get a new Keystone for a random dungeon that’s 1-3 levels higher than the one you just completed, based on how quickly you finished.
  • If you complete the dungeon but don’t make the timer, you’ll get a Keystone for a random dungeon that’s 1 level lower than the one you just used.
  • If you don’t complete the dungeon at all, you’ll have a Keystone for the same dungeon that’s one level lower than the one you just used.

The other thing we’re looking to change is the way that rewards are given at the end of a run. Currently, when you complete a run that upgrades your Keystone by 2 or 3 levels, you’re also given a 2nd or 3rd chest. This is because, when we believed that Keystones would be rare, we didn’t want you to miss out on any of the loot you might have collected from the runs you were “skipping.”

However, because of this, players tend to look for lower-level Keystones that they can easily stomp through, instead of higher-level Keystones that are appropriately challenging for their gear and skill. That, in turn, affects who they’re willing to invite. AOE damage output is preferred over everything else, because the only concern is how quickly you can clear through easy trash packs. And gear requirements tend to outpace what actually drops: if you could find upgrades in a Mythic 6, you’ll have a hard time finding a group, because the Mythic 6 groups are full of players who are capable of clearing 10+ and are just looking for an easy 3-chest.

With that in mind, here’s the changes we’re planning to test:
  • You no longer receive additional chests at the end of a run for completing it quickly.
  • When you finish a Mythic+ dungeon, the chest at the end will contain two items and an appropriate amount of Artifact Power.
  • If you beat the timer, regardless of how quickly, there will be a third item in the chest.
  • Keystones can still upgrade by 2 or 3 steps, so you can quickly get to a difficulty level appropriate for you.

Our overall goal with these changes is to incentivize groups to take on dungeons where they know they’re likely to see upgrades, instead of preferring keys that are far too easy for them. Once the Tomb of Sargeras raid is available on Mythic difficulty, we’ll also increase the maximum rewards from Mythic Keystone runs to level 15.

To clarify: with these changes, the chest at the end of each Mythic+ run would contain a total of 3 items (2 if you don't beat the timer). That's split across the group, not per-person.

So yes, it's fewer total items than a 3-chest finish in 7.2. However, it's an increase in items for players doing 1-chest clears at an appropriate difficulty level. This is also why I mentioned that the difficulty cap for M+ will be increasing to 15 once Tomb opens on Mythic.

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