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    Need Help Editing An Image

    Hey guys! I'm really bad at trying to edit photos so can any photoshop experts help me out please?

    Here's a link to it just because it's pretty big: http://static.tumblr.com/qfrthcz/QTc...y_mindclot.jpg

    Basically I'm going to be putting it on a black, long sleeve shirt. And as you can see the branch designs around the "K" are also black, so you probably wouldn't even be able to see them that well, if at all.

    Can anyone help me out? I was thinking of just trying to reverse the colors, make the branches white and so on. But if anyone can come up with something awesome that would like good on a black shirt, that's welcome too.

    Thank you in advanced!

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    if you drag the picture into paint and then right click > invert color and save it itll be a negative of what you linked.

    hope that helps a bit

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    did it for you and uploaded it. hope it's the same size
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    Oh lol thank you so much, that looks so good! I didn't even think of just inverting it in paint.

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    You could also add a white border to it like this:


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