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    Can't get above 60fps with new pc specs

    As the title says, I can't get above 60 fps on ultra, even without any addons active, ever since i upgraded my pc with new cewl expensive shit.

    My new specs are as followed

    Asus Geforce GTX 1070
    i7-6700k @ 4k
    16 gigs DDR3
    I also got a new motherboard which is an asus z170-p d3

    Dno what else to mention here, but with that, shouldn't I be able to run 60 fps with addons n'shit without problems, on ultra settings?

    Oh and I noticed today that the ingame system settings recommends that I run wow with "only" high quality in shadow Quality, good in liquid detail and good in particle density (as the only things which can't be run on ultra, according to the ingame system tab)

    1 more thing, i've now tried running wow in fullscreen/windowed fullscreen on ultra settings, with and without any addons, the game just wont go above 60fps anywhere and in the major cities the fps is around 35-50fps in areas with alot of people.

    Maybe i'm just a big newb or something, but I would love to get some help/info/pointers etc

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    There is no reason to, but you can disable vsync if you want a hotter graphics card and more power consumption.

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    Check out advanced graphics settings and look at Max foreground fps value.

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    if your monitor is 60hz and you have vsync enabled, you wont see it go above 60. although you saying it goes to 35-50 makes me think vsync is off - as i think vsync shoots you down to 30fps if you dip below 60? (eww)

    but if you have a 60hz monitor any frames above 60fps are superfluous anyway, right?

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    maybe he has Nvidia's adaptive sync on? Not sure if that tops out at 60.

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    Did you install motherboard drivers and GPU drivers and did you plug your monitor into the motherboard or into the graphics card

    Also you said you upgraded your motherboard. Is the CPU still running at 4k?

    Basic stuff I know but worth mentioning :P
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