i have seen that someone ask for help to recover data from the corrupted external hard drive. i do not remenber exactly what problem that is in detail. a corrupted external hard drive involves the unformatted one, can not be recognized one, or others. no matter wich kijd it is, the same consequence is that data saved on it would be lost. here i want to talk about the accidental formatting case. i have formatted my external hard drive by error and at last get all files needed back. what i need is data recovery software.

here are the detailed steps as follows:

step1. connect the formatted external hard drive to the computer.

step2. download and install the data recovery software on the computer.

step3. open the data recovery software and choose the recovery model and object disk to scan.

step4. preview the contents in the list after the scan, and select the needed to recover.

step5. choose one of the computer hard disks as the location to store files to be recovered.

tips: do not perform any operations on the corrupted or formatted external hard drive, including save new information on it and format it.