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    asus rog swift pg278q

    I got this monitor a few months ago and its great except for one thing. It randomly decides it doesn't want to turn on. It has power and is connected via displayport. I get the little ROG splash screen but then it never turns on. It requires me to unplug the power brick from the monitor and wait 5-10 mins for it to decide to be able to be turned on. Which in order to do I have to go into display settings and click on the greyed out monitor and select extend desktop to this monitor.

    Anyone else with this monitor having these problems or similar? I heard that getting a new power brick fixes it but I have been unable to get ASUS to send me one as of yet. Anyone else with experience with this monitor have a fix for these issues other than that? It's extremely frustrating having a $700 monitor that only works like half the time. I would expect it to work a hell of a lot better than my $160 basic 23"asus monitors i had before.... ugh

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    Out of curiosity does this happen every time you turn your PC on?

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    It mostly happens when the PC goes to sleep and tries to come back out of it. It just loses the big monitor and I have to go through those steps to get it back. But probably 5 out of 10 times booting up the PC the monitor will also not come on.

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    Known issue with the power brick bundled with it, need to get them to replace or buy a replacements from the likes of amazon

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