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    To me TOR plays like a bigger, better, multiplayer Knights of the Old Republic more than a real MMO. But I think it's awesome & will most likely dual sub with WoW
    This pretty much. Did a couple of runs of the first instance(the black talon) first one went well and you could see how the players personalities came through on the dialogue choices. Second run I did was a lot more silly and we were really nasty to the crew members which was hilarious coupled with the party chat.

    It isn't perfect but it is a very enjoyable game, personally haven't had any lag and only 1 crash in 5-6 hours gameplay which appeared to be caused by the game trying to patch whilst I was in it.

    Oh also the heroic areas are awesome. Effectively like a cross between an elite mob world area and an instance(ie. some sections are instanced within that area) done 2 or 3 so far and they work out being group quests that take approximately 15 minutes to complete whilst not being too easy even for low level content(available first around level 7 IIRC)

    Being realistic I remember a lot of lag issues, not to mention massive server queues in the first few months of WoW. A lot of people seem to claim it was perfect which is nonsense.
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