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    Heroic garrosh moonkin help

    Hey there,

    My guild is doing 25 man heroic garrosh and I'm finding my dps is ridiculously low. I've done the research and am now turning to you kind people for suggestions. I'm fairly new to the spec but I think I'm doing ok. My Ilvl is lower then the rest of the guild but I feel I should still be able to compete a little bit better. Any tips or hints would be greatly appreciated. I am doing desecrated and I raid lead this team so I would like to set a better example with my numbers.

    Here is the logs, it says normal but it is heroic. http://Worldoflogs.com/reports/qlg8l...um/damageDone/
    Here is my armoury link http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ilypadd/simple

    Like I said any tips would be greatly welcomed and appreciated. Be merciless.
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    Although, balance isn't my main spec it use to be a few tiers ago.

    This is how I would approach the encounter:

    Preposition your mushrooms to wear Garrosh and adds will be tanked. Start in solar. Delay your usage of incarnation/celestial alignment til just before adds spawn. Dot up all the adds and dump your starsurge procs in to Garrosh. Trigger your mushrooms while your procs are still up. The rest of the encounter should be straight forward. Keep both dots rolling on every add while dumping starsurge procs on to the boss.

    Boss dmg is what matters in this encounter especially on heroic. Although it seems counter intuitive to dot up adds, the increase in starsurge procs will increase your overall single target damage on garrosh.

    I admittedly have not played balance on heroic garrosh this tier so hopefully someone who has can chime in.

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    Are you guys getting to p4? ARe you killing engineers at any point?

    Your DPS doesn't look that low to be honest, that rogues damage is way lower for being combat on that fight.
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    Why are you doing desecrate when you have 4 hunters and 2 ele shammans and in the raid? Also don't be afraid of throwing a healer in there. They are pretty much afk during that phase.
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    Thank you, these tips did lead to some better pulls yesterday

    - - - Updated - - -

    Appreciate the tips, we have both boomkins doing it because our ele shamans were doing the engineers, I didn't even think of putting healers back there and then switching them with the ele shamans in p2. Thank you for the advice guys, it helps a lot. We put our second weapon on the thrown and don't touch it for the rest of the fight, is it worth it to run dots on it all fight for ss procs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sertii View Post
    Why are you doing desecrate when you have 4 hunters and 2 ele shammans and in the raid? Also don't be afraid of throwing a healer in there. They are pretty much afk during that phase.
    Or Warlocks, or Disc Priests. There is really no excuse to make boomkins run. I've only been doing Desecrate as a backup, only for 1 (we stack in first, bait the second) just because one of the locks had to to the engineer.

    When progressing on Garrosh HC, boss damage is extremely important to push phases at right times in order to skip phases/mechanics. I recommend you do not touch anything else besides the boss at all times (excluding MCs and empowered swirling adds unless you kite).

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    Rip I have to bait every week cause with buyers we only have 7 ranged dps in the raid and run with 3 healers who don't want to run :'(

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