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    Sure ppl can keep playign GW2 , but it doesn mean they will stay in WoW .
    There are other games with subs , inc in 2012 , which can play along with GW2
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    I won't have that much time in the future anymore for games, so I'll play the single player games I really like to play. I won't have time anymore then to also play WoW and GW2, so I'll play the, in my opinion, superior one.

    What I definitely see happen is that lots of players will just raid on WoW, or do their arena matches and then, for the rest, play other stuff like GW2, SWTOR, etc... For, what I think, that's all you can do in WoW these days. I'm not sure that's such a good thing for Blizzard.
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    Well TBH I wont be playing WoW when GW2 will be out, so I wont be paying Blizz... .
    Thus WoW loses a subscriber.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markluzz View Post
    I dont think people understand, WoW is PVE based, and GW2 is PVP based, WoW is P2P and GW2 is F2P, they are both completely different games, the one thing that is similar is they are considered mmo's and you have spells thats about it.

    It is totally possible to play both at the same time, and enjoy it. And again GW2 CAN'T dethrone WoW because there are no subscribers in GW2, no matter how big GW2 gets it will NEVER have more subscribers than WoW because it has NO subscribers. There could be more players but that wouldn't mean squat because GW2 would be F2P once you buy the box.

    You also can't say GW2 is completely different to GW1 if you never played GW2 unless you are an alpha tester or something. F2P games and P2P dont compete they coexist thats what im trying to say. GW2 gets the F2P market, WoW gets the P2P market.
    GW2 is not a PvP based game nor is it F2P. And yes, GW1 is COMPLETELY different from GW2, have you seen/read all the info and videos?.. And GW2 may not have subscribers, but you'll have several expansions and new content instead of the mandatory $15/month. And who cares if GW2 will or won't ''dethrone'' WoW anyway.. But it is still possible: people play GW2, people stop playing WoW. WoW loses subscribers, GW2 gains players who buy expansion/cosmetic stuff in store.
    Note: I'm not raging while writing this, just saying.

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    I say see it, GW2 is meant to do everything better than WoW for much less money. They are not meant to co-exist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rabbimojo View Post
    Not to get into an analogy revision war, but I think it's more like:
    Man 1 sells pizzas for 10.95
    Man 2 gives away tacos for free

    Is man 2 going to make people stop eating pizza?


    i totally agree

    and i for one will be getting both pizzas AND tacos

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tutorial View Post
    The way I see it is REALLY simple.
    These games will NOT coincide IF:

    - The first month of Guildwars 2 will BLOW minds and what not. So they don't see a reason to pay for a WoW subscription if they are putting 40 hours a week in GW2.
    - MoP will be shit as it currently is predicted.

    To be fairly honest I think Guildwars 2 WILL de-throne WoW even if only because it's pay once, play for free.
    That mixed together with amazing state of the art gameplay and mechanics, you have one hell of a mixture for a ton of succes.

    The thing is that WoW is ALREADY losing subs because of the crappy changes this expansion and alot of people dislike MoP. I for one actually think it might just be a really fun expansion. Will I play it? Really depends on Guildwars 2 it's succes.

    Right now my main game is WoW. I have a SW:TOR account, RIFT account, Aion account and a ton of single player games still needing to be finished.
    I still play WoW for at least 80% of the time that I game. Why? Because the other games don't bring to the table what WoW does. I like raiding and I like how there is always something to do. I recently bought or re-subbed to other games and play them about... well maybe 2-3 hours a week? Because they simply don't make it as attractive.

    Guildwars will be a new MMO release and just as TOR had, it will see a huge number of players on the first month. 3 things I think GW2 has the advantage in is that it's fantasy based, free to play and refreshing. TOR has already stabilized it's community and more and more people flock back to WoW while TOR only gains little from now onwards. Guildwars will be free to play so basically that says enough on it's own. Add renewing gameplay and a fantasy genre (everyone knows sci-fi attracts ALOT less people) and you see alot of people switch over.

    WoW will keep losing subs. It's glory days are over and it will slowly but surely bleed out. REAL slow is my guess. Guildwars will get a massive community from the start AND slowly grow. In the end I see GW2 being number one. At least untill project Titan.
    A whole lot of bias in here.

    On the MoP thing. It isn't predicted to be shit since it isn't even in Beta yet. And more people like it than dislike so that point is irrelevent. WoW is losing subscribers not because it is dying or dead, or has been "dethroned" but because that's what happens when new games in the same market are advertised. I personally still think WoW is better than any other MMO because I judge an MMO based on its level of content, which Blizzard are pretty much Gods at doing. I went and tried Aion, Rift and SWTOR for several reasons. The first being to see what the hype was about to be always disappointed, the second being that I tend to always burn myself out on WoW because I would play it extensively in a short period of time, and I don't have a lot of "gameplay stamina" so I look to other mmos to entertain myself while that burnout goes away (it always does) in this case, I am waiting specifically for MoP because it looks amazing to me, but don't want to be burnout on release like I was with Cataclysm.

    People want to try different things. When doesn't an MMO's subscribers fluctuate? SWTOR's subscribers will also decrease a bit because of GW2, and so will Rifts, and Aions. Perhaps GW2 players won't be as high as they could if SWTOR becomes successful.

    WoW's main loss of subscribers was due to China, not because it is failing, or dying. Note that I said the main loss, not the only loss. But of course this is only what Blizzard reported to Activision. Everyone knows a Corporation never tells the truth when reporting a loss amirite? :P

    Considering the trend of failed attempts to dethrone WoW with overhyped games before release, if the trend remains consistent, as it has, then GW2 will not dethrone WoW, and will be another *insert MMO here released in the lifetime of WoW*. People will like the game of course and people will dislike it. Just look at SWTOR. People say it's amazing while others say it is crap (those who are playing it) GW2 will have the same people. A percent of its playerbase will be in AWE while another percent will be disappointed.

    Don't judge a game till it is in deep beta. Whether it be an expansion like MoP or GW2. If you are saying something will fail before it is even playable, then your position is foundationless.
    "Never attribute to malice that which is adequetly explained by stupidity." - Robert J. Hanlon (otherwise known as Hanlon's Law)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fresh View Post
    Scumbag wow hater:
    3 Months later the MMO fails.
    6 Months later new MMO announced
    A vicious repeating cycle.
    You know why they fail? Because they copy wow in a lot of things and people have a lot of time invested in wow so to change just for a little more graphics or just a few more mechanics and leave all the work they had in wow, for years, behide they just don't do.

    Now, that's where GW2 is different, it's the first big try from a new MMO to be original. Not saying it will kill wow but the chances are way higher than the other MMOs that people called wow killers.

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    I agree with the OP. They are two different games with two different goals.

    Many people will only subscribe to one MMO. If there's no subs, there's no reason not to try it out. GW2 is like any other game in that respect, and the thought of running around playing a game that's a little bit like WoW, with more emphasis on fun, and less on holding your nose and getting stuff done in the most boring (but fastest) way possible, appeals to me.

    It appeals a lot more than Military Shooter 2012 anyway...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tea View Post
    I dont think anyone believes it will kill wow.
    Wow will stay strong ....
    It's going to be very interesting. I think GW2 will become the new #1, and perhaps fairly quickly. What we will find out then is just how powerful the social aspect of these games is. If all (or even most) of your friends are playing GW2 and never bother to play WoW anymore, how long will you keep playing?. And just how fast will that domino effect dry up the servers, and how small will the eventual never-gonna-give-up-my-pally population be? But I guess those numbers are easy enough to predict based on EQ's numbers over time.
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    The problem with WoW, is that its hard to justify the subscription cost at the moment. $14.99 or $12.99 a month, for content releases every 4-6 months? On a very dated graphics engine, and with alot less effort and maturity put into the content and lore than other products now available.

    GW2 might be good enough to supplant double games. I know I won't be paying for a subscription to something else, when I could be playing something for free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by probert View Post
    The problem with WoW, is that its hard to justify the subscription cost at the moment. $14.99 or $12.99 a month, for content releases every 4-6 months? On a very dated graphics engine, and with alot less effort and maturity put into the content and lore than other products now available.

    GW2 might be good enough to supplant double games. I know I won't be paying for a subscription to something else, when I could be playing something for free.
    GW2 is a must buy for me and i simply do not have the time to acutely play two mmos and WoW even when MoP should be out does not stand a chance in comparison.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kogarashi View Post
    GW2 is a must buy for me and i simply do not have the time to acutely play two mmos and WoW even when MoP should be out does not stand a chance in comparison.
    The cancellation of the Scroll of Resurrection speaks to the state of WoW at the moment.

    if you were a Firelands-geared player -- even just JP/VP gear + molten front dailies gear -- you could reactivate, grind the new 5 man heroics 10-15 times and get fully 378 geared. Then, a quick hit of the LFR and if you get a decent clear deathwing. All in a week.

    Darkmoon Faire is nice, but its a social thing...not worth maintaining a subscription for. 1 week is all it takes to get from 4.2 -> 4.3 cleared content.

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    and is exactly what happend to me when i returned for 4.3...

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    Quote Originally Posted by probert View Post
    1 week is all it takes to get from 4.2 -> 4.3 cleared content.
    This is one of the main problems for me. The lack of a real challenge in standard gameplay. I can't hardcore raid anymore...but the general game is a cakewalk.
    I always know that, once I start messing around with silly things like cheats and generally creating ridiculous scenarious...that a game is basically done with.
    This basically comes from knowing that the real challenging content is gone. Wow is, and has been for a while, in this state for me personally.

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    The way I see it:

    GW2 for PvP.
    WoW for pokemon battles and casual raiding.

    Sure they can co-exist together, but paying for WoW isn't wise when you can have something so much better for (almost) free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kogarashi View Post
    and is exactly what happend to me when i returned for 4.3...
    I'm an annual pass subscriber, with a smidge of buyer's remorse. I get a free mount for all my characters, i get to play whenever i want for the next year... i get Diablo 3 for free (which i would have bought). And I will get to poke around MoP in beta. MoP Beta will be the make/break for me -- it needs to be fantastic, otherwise I'll be uninstalling WoW for the first time in 7 years and never looking back.

    As it stands, I last logged in for Christmas and that was it. I leveled a hunter from 80->85, and had him fully 378 equipped in about 40 hours of play. :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Durzlla View Post
    lol that's the way i'm seeing it... And even if it's Man 2 giving away tacos, why would i pay for Pizza when i'm getting tacos for free?
    first of all because i may like pizza better and your comparison is less than bad because GW2 isnt F2P, its B2P...what would be better: i pay 5$ to be allowed to enter a flatrate and pay 10$ a month to be able to eat as much pizza as i want, but there's also a guy that sells taco flatrates for 5$ once and u can eat tacos until you die...why not pay for both? i get sick of one of the other when i eat too much of it and i like pizza AND taco...
    i'm actually playing swtor right now, but i also have an active wow account for casual raiding and casual pvp
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    Sigh of course people have already decided before they even play the game. If you don't like GW2 will you still play it just because its free? No probably not. It will have to be better then WoW for many many people to completely give up WoW. Otherwise we're just going to play both because WoW is good enough to pay for and GW2 is potentially good enough to steal some of our time. In which case the OP is right the games could live side by side. On the off chance that GW2 is absolutely amazing, which lets face it just isn't the case for most mmo's competing against such a Titan that is WoW, then yes WoW could suffer, as unlikely as that is.

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