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    Tibia Thread! Remember the good times, or current ones!

    So I recently came across the thread "Your favorite MMO" and was rather surprised to not see Tibia as an option.

    So I'm gonna make a thread about Tibia, the 2d MMO that actually has real player housing, and real quests.

    I played Tibia a long time ago, 2005-2007ish, on the Server Honera. My name was Elfin Hilon (hence my forum name) and I was a druid. I spent 2 years or so getting to the level 41, when I died several times and quit. I eventually got tired of the death penalty, but man I LOVED that game.

    So I'm writing this today to see if anyone else currently plays Tibia, or has played it in the past. If so, speak up! Tell me your vocation, name, and sever you played on. I'm hoping to see some familiar faces, but I'm not holding my breath.

    I'll give one experience I had.

    I used to play with a guy named Pierolle, who was a knight. I remember him buying me Premium time (the game was f2p, with the option of paying for added benefits) and being so thankful he did that. After I had it, he asked me if I wanted to heal him at the hero spawn in Edron, and being nervous as hell about dying, I was reluctant to go, to say the least. After some convincing I went, and had an awesome time.

    I remember manasitting, and making UH's before they added the new potions into the game, and make a TON of money off of that. I remember running by houses, and seeing all the loot and decorations within the houses. All the shiny and glittery items made me wish "If only I could get in there for 5 seconds..." I remember always wanting Boots of Haste, as the idea of moving super fast always made me happy. I remember my goal set for the game was explore the entire map.

    See Tibia was different then most games. Unlike current games, where the map is either filled in, or fills in MASSIVE chunks (ala WoW), Tibia filled in by pixels. Roughly 10 pixels at time. So you actually had to walk to places in order for something to be seen on mini-map.

    One of the people I miss most from my server was a woman by the name of Honeya Druid. As you probably guessed, she was a druid. Druids were much different in Tibia then compared to WoW. Druids were more along the lines of Priests in WoW, where as paladins in Tibia, were more like Hunters that could utilize holy magic.

    But enough rambling. Post your memories!
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    i remember how i tried to get a massive lootbag from folda to carlin..

    i was extremely cautious and it took me like an hour or more to get near the bank in carlin. mostly because i had to mule all the loot in small chunks via the ferry. i had to shuttle a gazzilion times back and forth, really annoying..

    eventually i was like 5tiles or something from the bank away when suddenly someone realizes what im doing, quickly grabbing my bag, throwin it into the bank cabin, blocking the way to it, taking all my stuff and of course releasing a massive lol storm upon me :/

    i was so sad and mad i didnt touch the game for like two years..

    but still i really like this game! the dungeons are massive plus im not a fan of the 'fancyshmancy 3d ultra grafix blaaa', i like my '2d bitmap isometric ultima looking style' so every now and then im still logging on, hunting some trolls or whatever

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    Oh man, I never really played Tibia until a few years back, I never even really heard of it until then...

    I played it on and off for a year or so, never really made it far, since I kept rerolling class to test them all out.

    The game is very awesome, what I do hate is the death penalty and PvP servers, where you can exit the bank then all of a sudden 10+ players block the bank and you're dead So when my friend stopped playing I rerolled PvE server, just to find out that players kite mobs onto you :\ Although I've read you can't "rope" mobs up levels anymore?

    Anyhow, it's a real sweet game, the GFX and gameplay may be slow and such, but it's still a great game to relax with.

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    @Zero2ninE- Yeah man. Some of the players back then could be real douche bags. Then again, some players were really awesome.

    @Kerain: Ha yeah. You can't be lured on anymore, but the death penatly was the main reason why I quit. I wish they would get rid of that, except in pvp situations.
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    Favorite moment of tibia was when i first left the starting island getting to one of the citys and there being a giant spider running around destroying everything, then they made it so you cant rope mops up and the game got less interesting

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElfinHilon10 View Post
    So I recently came across the thread "Your favorite MMO" and was rather surprised to not see Tibia as an option.
    Is that some sort of sick joke?

    OT: I only have bad memories of the my 30 minute experience of the game. I remember depending down a ladder to kill a rat. It took a long time to kill the rat. I was not having fun. So yeh, you must have enjoyed that game a lot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Berteh View Post
    Is that some sort of sick joke?

    OT: I only have bad memories of the my 30 minute experience of the game. I remember depending down a ladder to kill a rat. It took a long time to kill the rat. I was not having fun. So yeh, you must have enjoyed that game a lot!
    So you were basically terrible at the game, barely even played it and that makes you feel like you can say he's wrong in liking the game?

    OT: recently tested it out and found out that my old friend just started playing it again.

    The latest series of patches has really made the game nice, they've done a LOT of things since I stopped playing which has made the game better.

    If I needed to point out it's weakest point it would probably be the "stupid" death penalty, I hate that I can't explore without being afraid of loosing xp :P Other than that, it's as I said before a cool little relaxed game, at least when just killing normal mobs.

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    I played this game back in 2000 I believe. I was a Knight at the time. First MMO game I ever played. Sadly I don't have any funny memories other then getting owned by those damn bears on the noob island.

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    If they lessened the death penalty, or made blessings cheaper/non-premmy (IDK if they still are) and got rid of the bots, I would probably start playing again. I remember making an OT server and creating maps for that game was so damn fun.

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    Many many fond memories of Tibia it being my first MMO.

    I started playing around 1999-00 after a friend of mine introduced me. I played on several servers (including Antica and Lunara), Lunara though was my primary server where about 15 real life friends all played. We had our own guild and, of course, a guild house. Spending most of my time in Edron (the premium area), I bought one of the flats in the main area leading down from the bank and vendors. There I'd log my lvl 11 alt druid to make UH's all day, and lvl 15 sorcerer to make SD's, meanwhile hunting Giant Spiders on my Paladin named Arrowhead.

    There was a lot of tension on Lunara as it was a new server and 2 guilds were trying to focus on being the dominant force. Guilds in Tibia were not like in WoW, you could literally control a server and its inhabitants if your guild was strong enough, to the point where you could dictate certain prices for items and loot and if people were caught doing otherwise they'd be "hunted" off the server. Essentially meaning whenever they'd leave a sanctuary they'd have people chasing them down in an attempt to kill them.

    This is what I loved about Tibia, though, it may seem like power abuse of sorts, but Tibia gave people the basics that any MMO needed, then left the rest up to the players. If you had the power on a server, you could dictate a lot of what went on, much like a Mafia.

    That's just a scratch on the surface of what I remember. Hunting Hero's, Demon's, Warlock's... training with a friend for hours on end, HUGE scale guild wars that could mean (should you lose) that you wont be able to play that character again. Of course you had the option of paying a tax to be un-hunted. The list goes on. A memorable first MMO to say the least.

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    I remember trying it out way back in 2003 after overhearing someone talking about it in school. I began playing it on and off and eventually got a paladin to level 107 before I quit. I still have my characters and items intact, but I had no one to play it with and the community has gone completely down hill. English speakers are a rarity these days and most people just cheat their way to high levels and then threaten to kill anyone who does not leave 'their' hunting grounds.

    It was fun back in the old days, but not so much anymore.

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    I made my account in 2003 which still exists today. I stopped playing big time when I started playing wow. I stopped wow for a while when I met my girlfriend, but with patch 4.0 last october, I gave wow another go and she was curious and decided to give it a try. Six months later and she's doing more dps than me in raids, which our guild likes to tease me about.

    When me and her started playing wow together, I completely stopped playing tibia. I keep up with everything in the game, especially as I'm a staff member for the promoted fansite, but the game just seems so insignificant now. The pvp system is an absolute joke now, and as a member of the pvp focus group, it won't be fixed anytime soon (the cm in charge has specifically stated no changes will be done with the winter update). The developers make ridiculous decisions which seem totally absurd, but they won't change their stance. We recently had a world event for halloween which was bugged, meaning only 20 players got their reward. Rather than fix the bug immediately and postpone the event, they said "it'll be fixed for next year". They had a similar situation happen with the achievments for another world event in september. "we'll talk about the achievements, but not untill after the event, so no changes will be made untill next year".

    The botting situation is completely out of control, and the removal of voluntary gamemasters and the refusal to employ paid gamemasters is ridiculous. For anyone who doesn't know, they have an automatic detection tool which scans players to try to detect automated actions. Once they have 100% proof a player is botting, they delete them. But two problems. 1. They will not take action (and rightfully so) untill they have 100% proof, meaning it may take several months for a single person to be caught and 2. There is a new bot which is totally undetectable by the tool because it mimics human actions and directly controls the mouse and keyboard to perform the actions. The tool initially worked, but now the bots dominate the game - which is also why pvp is a joke. The pvp is a contest between which team has the better bot scripts. 1v1 pvp is impossible.

    Most of my friends from tibia have come to wow, and in the last two days, three more friends have come to wow. I've been following tibia for 8 years, I've played for a good chunk of that time, but the game keeps sinking into a downward spiral and unless cipsoft pull off a miracle, I can't imagine the game existing five years from now. I don't hate the game, I just don't enjoy my time there anymore and if it weren't for the few friends who still play there, I would have no reason to play.

    For what it's worth, my main character is a 294 ms on astera.

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    One of the best games I've ever played. To me Tibia was better than WoW and rest of the MMOs. One of those games I thought I could never quit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Berteh View Post
    Is that some sort of sick joke?

    OT: I only have bad memories of the my 30 minute experience of the game. I remember depending down a ladder to kill a rat. It took a long time to kill the rat. I was not having fun. So yeh, you must have enjoyed that game a lot!
    Oh the slander I could come up with due to your ignorance.

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    I've been playing the game on and off since 2001 or something.

    It has it charms but the community on non-pvp servers is just awful. I played on nova when I first started playing, got pked as soon as I stepped out of thais temple. Took me 3 months to get off rookgard my first time. Got a lvl 100ish sorc right now that I play now and then, it used to be on premia for some time, has taken me from 2006~ until now to get it to that level! What's killing the game is the massive amount of botters, it's more a norm that people bot than that they play manually once you reaching the higher levels.

    I've turned to a local open tibia server rather than play the real tibia nowadays, it's based on 8.54 and quite fun to play on, no über-leet-haxxor exp so that you get lvl 100 in a day.
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    Haha some of these are hilarious. I debating playing again... If anyone is currently playing, what server do you play, and is it active?


    Yeah I've heard about all that. It seems the bots really killed the community. :/
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    Borrowing this thread.. If anyone of you guys are still active in other games then tibia(since it was destroyed when they patched it to 20 unjusts etc..) Please let me know if you guys found any other game that is like tibia, were you can fight anyone and the main goal is to be the best guild and rule your server please let me know!!

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    I still play (kind of).

    Level 88 Royal Paladin on Secura (Rhaego)

    The game has really fallen though. Botting isn't as bad as it was a couple of years back but still very much a deterrent. The quality of the updates have fallen significantly. The most recent one (Roshamuul or w.e) is bollocks. Lots of unfinished quests too.

    Waiting for an update that will get me playing properly again. 10 years ago, no game could touch it. It was that good. The community was decent, hardly any cheating (light hacks, fishing macros, rune makers were the pinnacle). Really loved the game, but now I just can't get back into it.

    edit: Oh wow, necro'd.

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    There are dozens of tibia clones out there, not including ots. Problem is that you'll never find what you're looking for.

    I've personally never played any of them, but there are copy cats like zezenia. There is a pokemon game made by brasilians that uses the Tibia client (pokemonbr). You just need to look around the right places on google to find them.

    Generally the best bet is to find an ot for the specifics that you want, but then you get stupid crap like 100x exp. Ots aren't usually secure either and often lead to main tibia accounts getting hacked, so it's a big risk to take just to try to find a specific part of tibia gameplay that you like.

    Tibia itself is very slowly dieing. It may be cliché to say that since people have been saying it for years, but it's quite clear to see. I personally haven't logged on since January and have absolutely no desire to do so which is a bit bad since I'm not the admin of instead of just a staff member.

    If PvP is all you're interested in, then you likely won't find another copy out there and in that case, it would be best to leave the memories alone and find a different source of game to play.

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    Tibia had some massive flaws and for obvious reasons (not only Polish/Brasilian community reasons :P ; gameplay reasons mostly) many people couldn't stand it. However, some elements of Tibia's gameplay were great and the overall feeling - quite unique.
    My favourite memory from the game is luring giant spiders everywhere I could :P It was not cool considering the death penalty but well, I got killed that way too. They made it barely possible in later patches though (can understand that). Gave up on Tibia years ago when combat botting got common.

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    Played this game a lot in 2004-2006 and then for maybe 3 months 2008. What did me in was the death penalty. I don't mind loosing exp, gold, backpack etc. But when you loose your gear and/or weapon, your basis for your character and why you play the game (to get better gear to advance) is dumb. If they would have fixed the death penalty, I most likely would still play or at worst played for a lot longer than I did.

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