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    Well for me I see end game setup being way more crit/crit bonus based. Sharpshooter with a 2h xbow with a good crit gem (green one) can do silly numbers. You WILL be kiting a lot so your "crit chance" is fairly inflated anyway. But again, play the game how you want

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    DH here, just started act 1 Inferno. Bought a 2h crossbow with about 600 dps from the AH a few days ago, it's not perfect but it was a huge up to my 300 dps 2h bow. I found the crit build to be very nice. I'm using a green 45% inc crit damage in my crossbow along with the 50% talent. I'm getting 30-36k crits on my elemental arrow runed with frost and got some 56k-60k devouring arrow crits on a chain bounce.

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    Having killed Diablo on inferno yesterday, elite packs are such a cockblock, no way to kill them ... I am barb btw...

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    Farming inferno act 3 on my 14k hp/150% MF DH. I get good lewts every now and again and i don't find it too hard, except for reflect/ invult mobs.

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    Lol, Hell loot is a joke still :9

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zuljania18 View Post
    Lol, Hell loot is a joke still :9
    Holy necro batman. Stop necroing threads.

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    Closing this, please don't necro old threads for no reason.
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