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    Thunderfury vs Shard of Hate

    I haven't seen many posts on the Shard of Hate sword for a wizard, but based on proccing multiple elements (although not poison), it seems like it could be useful. Is anyone using this with a vyrs/tals build instead of using a thunderfury (for those of us without woh yet).


    Also, so I dont have to make two threads..just got my barb to 70, haven't played him since ROS I'm lost with a good starting 70 build. Whrilwind seems underwhelming. If anyone wants to offer advice on that as well, it would be much appreciated. Thanks again.

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    I use Thunderfury, just because it doesn't restrict me to having to use cold/lightning to get the most out of it, both of which I don't really like too much. That, and Thunderfury gives me elemental exposure and a meteor. I haven't even gotten one yet, and it's something I'd like to try, like Wand of Woh, but on the surface, it doesn't seem too great for Wizards, maybe if all damage types had a proc on it, it'd be a different story. It all depends on your gear, though.
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    I was running with the Shard for a while, but recently switched over to Thunderfury for one simple reason: I now run without any Arcane Power spenders.

    I have Mirror Ball + TF + Tal's. This means with Magic Weapon: Ignite and Familiar: Cannoneer, using Magic Missile, Glacial spike, nearly all my attacks do all 4 elements of damage, as well as freeze and slow enemies.

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    I would link a build but forum wont let me.

    Best MM + Mirror Ball build;

    >MM - Conflagrate. (Best MM rune by a mile for raw damage).
    >Blizzard - Any rune (I use Grasping Chill for easier kiting when needed).
    >Black Hole - Event Horizon or Spell Steal (Swap with Arcane Hydra for bosses if you can be bothered).
    >Familiar - Spark Flint. (More DPS).
    >Magic Weapon - Force Weapon (More DPS. Electrify if you don't have TF on you or follower).
    >Energy Armor - Pin Point Barrier (More DPS and Armor).

    Glass Cannon, Cold Blooded, Conflagration and Elemental Exposure for passives. Only Elemental Exposure is mandatory, Cold Blooded and Conflagration give nice damage boosts for your party for group play. You can opt for tankier or more selfish passive set ups if you prefer. Recommend dropping GC and taking Blur at the least for Torment 5/6.

    Conflagrate rune for MM is excellent against elites and bosses since the DoT doesn't have a cap...or at least the cap is very high. Mirror Ball makes completely it insane. I've seen as high as 40mill ticks. Just gotta keep it stacked. Plus it pierces unlike the other MM runes so your AOE is much much better. Pump all paragon points into int/CC/AS/AOE damage and the DPS output is huge whilst being great at kiting.

    On topic:

    I'm running with a level 60 TF on my Templar still...TF was the first legendary that dropped for me in the loot 2.0 patch pre-ROS launch and I haven't seen another one since. In fact, the only weapons I've seen that my wiz has kept are Azurewrath which I use with Light of Grace for when I fancy playing Ray of Frost, and Wizard Spike...which I don't know why I kept but oh well. Might be handy one day.
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