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    Is there a way to Gift game ime digitaly ? ( Warcraft ?

    i want to gift a month of game time to a friend. is there a save way to do it ? digital

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    Transfer the money to him.

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    Buy a time code on the Blizzard store then message it to him.

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    You can also buy game time in 60 day codes digitally on Amazon.

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    I've had a few friends who were down on their luck and I gifted them time by buying blizzard time cards at target/walmart and telling them what the numbers on the card was so they could apply them to their account. One was going through Chemo and couldn't work and warcraft was what they did to keep their brain busy all day.

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    You can buy 30 days etc as a gift on the Warcraft store, my gf bought it for me recently, took a bit of looking because it wasn't immediately obvious in the store but it's there somewhere:
    (I assume there's a similar thing on the US / other region store too)


    When you gift it it will ask for the persons WOW account email and send them the code directly
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