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    What MMO to play? [Discussion]

    Hey guys!

    This post is meant to be a place for all the people which want to start with a MMO but don't know which one to choose!

    So, we would really like to know what MMO you guys would recommend AND why!

    As we were playing World of Warcraft for several years now, we have just lost all of our motviation with every expansion. So we're looking for a new MMO as well, trying to get inspired by your opinions!

    Like I love PvP and some mechanics. As PvE, like a raid with a your guilde.. It's just awesome. As I have experienced, many people pref PvE over PvP, some ignore PvP completely etc.

    So some reviews with a real pro and contra would be a great guidance for everyone!

    First MMO we were thinking about it -Guild Wars 2, but what about Skyforge? See, already 2 good examples! Anyway, hopefully we'll find some people helping out!

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    plenty of Potatoes in FFXIV.

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    Loads of MMO's on the market now days, just do some research and you are bound to find the one more suitable for you.

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    Did already, found nothing that would really suite my needs.

    I'm thinking about giving WoW one last try, but Guild Wars 2 seems interesting as well. But on the other hand it seems like a huge lack of PvP there.
    I need some serious help.

    FFXIV just looks so wrong to me. Slow and not really complexe if it comes to PvP.

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    Wildstar is an awesome game.
    The action combat is very fluent and lots of "action" in it. I haven't raided personally but I'm in a guild that mainly raids and they are really enjoying themselves. From what I understand Wildstar raids are very well designed and unique.

    Wildstar also has pvp, battlegrounds similar to wow, also arena, and warplots that are player designed larger scale battlegrounds. On EU there are dedicated arena evenings and saturdays are dedicated if you want to play warplots. Think NA server got something similar as well.
    I love pvp in the game mainly because of the combat, extremely fun

    Wildstar is also about to launch on steam soon.
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    There's already a sticky if you want a game to be suggested to you.

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    I just started TSW (The Secret World). I'd ask you to watch some videos, but that would be major spoilers. All i can say is, it's like reading a really good book or watching a really good movie.

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    We already have a sticky thread for this.

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