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Vampires, no doubt.

They're basically already dead, so it'll be hard for a werewolf to kill one. If i remember correctly then the only way to kill a vampire is to impale their heart with a wooden stake, using garlic somehow and expose it to direct sunlight.
I highly doubt a werewolf will use a wooden stake or a garlic in a battle and a werewolf can only transform at direct moonlight, so the sunlight weakness hardly matters in a one on one battle.

Vampires can also turn into bats, which might come in handy.
Vampires can also be damage by others vampires (claws) and by werewolfs claws

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This REALLY depends on what our definitions are of the two...If we're talking a weak puny Vampire that's simply a human with superior strength etc that's not impressive compared to a werewolf as it is as someone pointed out still animal vs human in a physical struggle animals tend to win... But if this is indeed the proper type of vampire, the kind that can transform into several very dangerous things and do very spectacular things, along the lines of the legend of Dracula, then clearly a savage werewolf will perish.

Then again both are essentially immortal and invincible with a few exceptions, none of which either side would think of using to slay the other. So it's an endless struggle.

FYI, vampires are not "harmed" by sunlight, they just cant use the full extent of their powers then, Dracula preferred to sleep through the day, and it was said that his location was kept hidden while sleeping as that was the only time he could possibly be killed, by a wooden stake that is.
Well true, but if you want to use a hight class vampire, use as well a hight class werewolf (alfa) and in 1 vs 1, it depends, but i think werewolfs win, why? Hight class werewolf are not mere savages, they have the intelligence of a human, the sense and power of a beast, and group vs group... well... werewolfs... why? When werewolfs are with their packs they become stronger, literaly, not only that they work together as a pack but they get stronger (faster, stronger, etc...)