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    Star Trek Online

    I'd like to know if there is anyone on MMOC that has played or is playing this game. I have a friend who is playing this game, and he is enjoying it very much. Come points he made to me are:

    - PvE is very engaging
    - Classes are very unique and balenced
    - The community is great
    - The engine is shitty

    If anyone here has some knowledge about the game, I'd like to see what you think about these points. I want to hear about it from more than one person.
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    There really isn't much to say about SC2, it's not a very complex game. Three races that never change and that's it, end of story.

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    There's a Star Trek MMO?

    Not trolling, I seriously didn't know there was one.
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    Thank god you posted that pic done by Da Vinci The vitruvian man because to be honest I had NOOOO Idea what a Human body looked liked therefor had NO idea what you were refering too. With that said the sylvari are made of lettuce. If I twist up some cabage leaves too look like a human, it doesnt make it monohuman.
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    That picture has four arms and four legs. It's not a human, so it's clearly a spider.

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    If your a huge fan you may like it but it got really bad reviews and bomb when it was released. I wanted to play it but i was thrown off from all the bad reviews i heard.

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    I play it, It's pretty awesome and I'm a lifetime subscriber since day 1. I will say when it first came out it was pretty bad but now it's great. It doesn't have the amount of content WoW has obviously but it is still pretty neat. The only problem I really found is once you hit max level there are only a few missions (dailies) that you can do to get better gear. The community is very knowledgeable but they do tend to rant on about RP a lot of the time so if you aren't well versed in the Star Trek Universe you might be put off. Oh, they also tend to release patches every couple weeks adding new content/multiple fixes so it's not like the Devs have given up on the game or anything (They also hold a monthly Q&A session and really do like feedback/suggestions from players).

    So, all in all I'd say that STO is about a 8/10 with wow being a 9.5. Any other specific questions feel free to send me a pm or something.

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    It's not that impressive. Another Cryptic MMO that they half-assed to make a bunch of money off the IP. With how many Star Trek fans are out there you'd think it would be impossible to make a flop right? Well Crptic seems to be setting ALL kinds of new boundaries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smrund View Post
    It's not that impressive. Another Cryptic MMO that they half-assed to make a bunch of money off the IP. With how many Star Trek fans are out there you'd think it would be impossible to make a flop right? Well Crptic seems to be setting ALL kinds of new boundaries.
    My friend shared the exact sentiments toward Cryptic that you have, that Cryptic doesn't have a great reputation. but STO seems to be an exception, he says it's greatly polished.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lysah
    There really isn't much to say about SC2, it's not a very complex game. Three races that never change and that's it, end of story.

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    I only played STO first month after launch then i had to decide where to go picked wow becos i had friends there. The game was realy fun and i tought it was balanced and polished enugh to be a realy good game.
    The space combat system was realy something new and interesting(for me atleast) and the fact that you could land on planets/spacestations etc instead of just being stuck in your ship like EvE(might have changed havent checked it for years) made it even more fun i say its a realy fun game if you have the time for it.

    I never realy got to End pve content but i say quests and such where realy fun the engine was ok i had no problems with it the community was ok at the time and not full of people bashing the game like the Rift beta was >.>

    All i can say about it realy dont know if its any help or not tought.

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    STO is a very good casual MMO I can just recommend it.Not true that the engine is bad or that the game is ugly(my honest opinion is that STO looks a lot better than wow(wow is just to old).

    +customization(starship and character) is very good and detailed(your characters are unique,you wont see 20 clones of yourself like in wow every single day)
    +weekly episodes(like the TV shows),these missions are usually 20-45 mins long depending on your difficulty level(by the way now that Battlestar Galactica is over and Star Gate finally died I hope that we will get more Star Trek movies/shows)
    +PvP:I would say that its better than WoW(lots of battlegrounds(space and ground)),the queue times are usually short.Space PvP is very good and complicated(30-40 skills,factions have different perks what makes them unique).Ground PvP is a bit primitive but the devs promised a ground combat rewamp in season 4.Gear doesnt matter its all about skill.
    +all players are on the same server(this can be good if you like to play at night)
    +the players are very friendly(in the game and on the forum too),it is interesting because the mods are not strict at all
    +the devs are nothing like the WoW devs,they are very friendly and active on the forum(you can meet/talk to them in the game too though not very often),they participate in the discussions,they can admit if they were wrong,they wont ban you because you disagree with them.You can send them private messages and they listen to player feedback(what gets into the game depends entirely on what the community wants,if enough players agree they will do it).
    +casual MMO:you can get your endgame gear from crafting,PvP and PvE depending on what you like to do(I always hated Blizzards PvE fetish).Items dont make a big difference because the upgrades are always very small(what matters is your setup,skill,talents,teamwork).If you play just once a week you wont be worse than the guy playing 12 hours each day.The devs understand that players are there to have fun and they dont need a second job(if you are a big farmer you can do that too for titles,diplomatic ranks but these things wont give you advantage against casual players)
    +content comes very fast,each season is like a new small expansion for free
    +the star trek universe(needless to say)
    +the missions and patrol missions are really good and enjoyable
    +you have your own crew and officers(kinda like companions in Mass Effect) without the talking
    +talents:very compicated system compared to wotlk wow(that was the last time I played wow)

    -exploration(you need to scan a lot in nebulas and the game will create random planets/space battles/missions for you but after a few it gets boring mainly because it gets repetitive:kill 6 enemy squadrons,scan 6 samples/flowers/alien technology,kill or save tribbles etc.)
    -ground combat(its so bad that I find it funny sometimes) but you will be in your starship in 80% of the game
    -the GM service is not the best
    -c-store(like the Blizzard store with new shiny every 2 weeks),I know that lots of players hate it
    -the game world has lots of different shards(instances) so you wont see hundreds of players on a space station because they are possibly in 45 different shards(as I know around 30-40 can be in the same instance) but you can change instance with clicking on the map easily.The servers are in the US and I live in the EU but thanks to this the game is completely lag free(at least it was for me),I still think that this is a negativum.
    -STFs(Special Task Force...5 player endgame missions with storyline):if you found wow raids at least a bit challenging you dont want to try these.They are very hard,full with bugs,you need at least 10 hours to finish for example the cure unless your group finished it a few times already(I would say that at least 95% of the pugs disband after a few hours of being slaughtered by 24000 borg drones at the same transformators lol),no LFG(so you will probably need a fleet if you are ino these kind of...things).The good thing is that you can avoid them like the plague you will miss nothing(unless you want to upgrade your ship with borg tech which makes your ship look assimilated).
    -the klingon faction is still underdeveloped(but catching up slowly)

    Cryptic is not a bad company just very very small(as I know they have just 20-30 devs on STO) thus cost effective.STO got bad press in the beginning because Cryptic made the game in very short time(1,5y but not sure) they needed at least 1 more year before release but Atari makes decisions like this.In the last year(STO was 1 year old in february) thanks to all the new content the game is a lot better(Casey in MMO report said that it was the best MMO of 2010).I wouldnt worry about the games future according to Ataris(cryptic is part of Atari) financial report(publicly traded company) this small company keeps Atari alive and makes almost all the profit(they run champions online too(which isnt a big success imo and the reason why Cryptic has lots of haters and they are working on a new online Neverwinter game too).If you give STO a chance dont expect a wow-like polished game(keep in mind that the game is still just 1 years old) and millions of players(keep in mind that Cryptic is a small company and their goal was never reaching millions,they can make good enough profit with a lot smaller number,the game is never empty,sector space is always full with players ships) and you will enjoy it.

    if you want more info read reviews(usually the early 1s got low scores due to the games unfinshed state but the game improved a lot in the last year so the newest 1s gave higher) :

    edit: or try the free demo you can find it on the official site(the link above) but it is a big download and the demo is very short(6gigs for like 30-45 mins)
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    Yo dawg' I heard you like spaceships so I put a spaceship in your spaceship so you can fly around.

    They're old but interesting. Filled with issues possibly (likely) fixed by now, but I digress - funny to watch.

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    I tried the trial, didn't really like it especially when I forced myself to finish the starting zone find out the space ship was a bit more disappointing. Idk it really feels slow paced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ave07 View Post
    I tried the trial, didn't really like it especially when I forced myself to finish the starting zone find out the space ship was a bit more disappointing. Idk it really feels slow paced.
    if you think it is slow paced try eve(that will rewrite the meaning of slow paced for you lol)

    but yeah sector space is indeed kinda boring

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    It's quite fun once you get your bearings.

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    been searching mmo champ forums for some STO topics and at least there are a few
    Yeah I really like this game and as I have said in one of the other topics I think it really helps if your into watching Star trek on tv.
    Tho saying that right at the start I had no clue as to what I was doing hehe.

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    Now that's some necro. Meh, I tried the Romulan xpac but the game just doesn't interest me.

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    The game is pretty fun, but the ENTIRE game is pretty much single-player when leveling, and completely instanced.

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    Oh crap; they just had to pull this one, didn't they?

    At least their voiced by the show actors! So... might be fun?
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