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    GW2 soundtrack for sale

    4 CD's, personally autographed by Jeremy Soule

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    I want Jurmy Souleater to play at my birthday.

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    I dont think its too badly priced either, $30 for 4 cds is pretty decent. I wont buy it because I would never listen to it even though its a great soundtrack.
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    "All orders placed will be personally autographed by composer Jeremy Soule while supplies last."

    If he has to sign EVERY single one...that is going to suck so bad...
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    How will Jurmy be able to conduct when he gets carpal tunnel from signing all those CDs?

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    Very tempted to buy it.. $8 shipping to Australia, not bad.

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    I skipped out on the Collector's Edition, but this... I may have to buy.

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    Very tempting Such awesome music.
    I'm going to cry like a little baby when Logan and Rytlock reconcile and have a glorious man-hug

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    Instabuy. I didn't get my Skyrim soundtrack due to some gmail-failure and after that I didn't feel like trying again since Skyrim is bit too ambient to listen to repeatedly. GW2 on the other hand has sounded awesome so far. Can't wait!

    Oh and thanks for the info!
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    Very tempted indeed!
    Crap, personally autographed... Ugh I want this so much! Even though the price is good idk if I got the money atm, will have to wait and see

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    just checked ... my order would have been #2250 ... i reaaaaally can't imagine mr soule signing 2250 cd boxes ...

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    Getting the Collector's Edition already, sooo...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grantji View Post
    just checked ... my order would have been #2250 ... i reaaaaally can't imagine mr soule signing 2250 cd boxes ...
    There has been worse.
    Belief can become reality!

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    I'd love to buy it but sadly the only payment option on that site is Paypal. Sigh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desh View Post
    I'd love to buy it but sadly the only payment option on that site is Paypal. Sigh.
    I was about to go and buy it...
    PayPal only? Well... looks like I'm not getting it after all

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrowstorm View Post
    Getting the Collector's Edition already, sooo...
    Yeah this is what is holding me back. CE has a best of CD, and if there's a digital version of the 4 cds I might get it but... heh.
    Kinda sad because it's signed but yeah.

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    I hope that there are still CDs left when I get paid! This is too good of a deal to miss out on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grantji View Post
    just checked ... my order would have been #2250 ... i reaaaaally can't imagine mr soule signing 2250 cd boxes ...
    I believe that's the item number, not the order number.
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    there is no asura cd

    i do not approve

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    Damn it that's tempting. More so for the autograph than the CDs (and that's coming from someone who's never cared for the damn things, I've walked past my favourite band and didn't care to ask them for one). If that was a Morrowind soundtrack (or even just the game), I'd fork over my cash without a second thought, but I'm not that huge a fan of GW2's music (don't get me wrong, not saying I don't like it, far from it, just that I'm not a fan of it in the literal meaning of the word) and paying for an autograph feels wrong/stupid (considering my cash is not THAT disposable).

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    UGH!! y u do this when i have no money anets!! WHY!?!?! WHYYYYYYYYY!?!?!
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