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    This is my Elementalist (lvl 62 atm xD).
    This is cute:P Nicely done!

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    Gettin' dat 1337 armor.


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    I shall mark my 100th post with my Sylvari Thief, who just hit 80.

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    My character.

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    This topic kicks ass. All these cool looking characters have me excited to start playing tonight.
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    Looks so cool, I love norns in norny armor xD Especially norn females.

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    New armour, new screenshots.

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    I have a hard time finding the sylvari cultural armor very appealing. I dunno, I feel like their particular style of plant-clothing just doesn't appeal to me.
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    After farming Ascalonian Catacombs for some time, I finally got 390 Ascalonian Tears, and I could buy my Ghastly Greatsword which changes it's appearance after night and day.

    It looks amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thisisanalt View Post
    New armour, new screenshots.


    she looks awesome
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ixator View Post
    My necromancer

    Now that is good. Take note fashionistas!

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    The new me

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    Wow,Thisisanalt, your Sylvari looks amazing. With the color choices, I think it's the best character I've seen. Kudos!

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    The new me
    wow that is identical to my mesmer. crazy!!
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    My ele, I feel like a genie. :>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thisisanalt View Post
    Ha, for some reason, that reminds me of Flemeth, the Witch of the Wilds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eiserne Drossel View Post
    After farming Ascalonian Catacombs for some time, I finally got 390 Ascalonian Tears, and I could buy my Ghastly Greatsword which changes it's appearance after night and day.

    It looks amazing.
    Must... Have...

    New set for my lowlie guardian. All of it from hearts in Kessex Hills.

    Anyone else notice a draft?
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