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    I failed to transfer ascended stuff to beta bank so I am bit sad and have been playing only with given exotic box gear + runes. Your revenant looks really nice.

    My ele got her legendary staff today. I didn’t think I would get this before HoT since precursor was always so expensive. But alas, I got The Legend after completing CoF collection and just wanting to waste tokens. To give some idea how long/slowly I have been crafting this: I created Mystic Clovers before Scarlet nuked LA. I have so many memories: running Arah with guild, gathered wvw tokens twice by accident, 100% map… and now it is mine.

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    Grats! Looks great with your character.

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    I got rid of my Arah look and went for something a necro might wear if they like, had a day job at the courts or something and had to look less like a murderer:

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