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    What would you do if players with your ReMs die?

    This problem confused me for a very long time, and I have no solution to it.

    And would you ReM to the players who might die before ReM jumps the first time and then try to use your uplift to save their lives?
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    Simple - you don't ReM people that are going to die in the next second, you Surigng / Enveloping mist them. If there are 10 people that are going to die in the next 1 second, and you can't revival then you are gonna wipe, you can't do anything about it.

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    Here's a couple reactive things in Priorty order.

    - If you know the person is going to die from the next hit cocoon them.
    - If you have enough time to switch off and throw a surging mist do it. (You will get more chi for your next uplift anyway. You could envelop if they are standing in bad things.
    - WORST CASE SCENARIO If someone forces your hand 2 or more people 10% going to die within the next 2 gcds just revival, If you aren't set in a CD rotation keeping people alive is your priorty. If a dps forces my revival at a non optimal time they will get a very mean whisper.

    Generally uplift doesn't take priorty on 1/2 targets at 20% health or lower however if there are many uplift/revival.
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    This is the guy who only ever asks questions about RBGs and assumes that everyone is going to answer his question in that context.

    In mass PvP, people are going to die sometimes. All you can really do is try to not waste ReM casts on people you think you won't be able to save.
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    if people i REM die i just throw my head back and sigh

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    if people i REM die i just throw my head back and sigh
    Audibly and with push to talk on.

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