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    how addictive are video games according to you ?

    I'd like to open a small debate here.

    What do you think about video games addiction ?

    Talk about your personal case also if you can.

    I used to be a big addict when I was younger, spending more than 6 hours a days in front of my screen... but I'm done now .

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    I used to be addicted to games as well when I was younger but I just grew out of it when I needed to get a job.

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    Very addicting if you're the sort of person to get addicted easily. My top record was 16 hours a day for a week straight (wasn't in school at the time). It's a lot better now since i'm kinda getting bored of videogames, but they are definately addicting.

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    I'm addicted but I don't miss any work seeing friends because of games.

    The house work just gets ignored... all the time.

    ... you guys got any video games on ya? /scratches arm.
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    i've dealt with several chemical addictions and video games can be no different, a constant triggered dopamine release will create a real addiction, however, its a lot easier to quit a game than to quit smoking or drinking, there is no withdrawal, after a while you just get bored and move on

    if i had to choose anything to be addicted to, it would be video games, as long as you keep yourself healthy there are no downsides

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