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    How many hours per day do you spend playing video games ?

    I'm curious about that...

    Personnaly, I don't spend more than 3 hours a day

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    Pandaren Monk Zatheyll's Avatar
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    I don't include WoW though, since it's a parasite instead of a video game.

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    how addictive are video games according to you ?

    I'd like to open a small debate here.

    What do you think about video games addiction ?

    Talk about your personal case also if you can.

    I used to be a big addict when I was younger, spending more than 6 hours a days in front of my screen... but I'm done now .

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    I used to be addicted to games as well when I was younger but I just grew out of it when I needed to get a job.

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    Very addicting if you're the sort of person to get addicted easily. My top record was 16 hours a day for a week straight (wasn't in school at the time). It's a lot better now since i'm kinda getting bored of videogames, but they are definately addicting.

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    I'm addicted but I don't miss any work seeing friends because of games.

    The house work just gets ignored... all the time.

    ... you guys got any video games on ya? /scratches arm.
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    i've dealt with several chemical addictions and video games can be no different, a constant triggered dopamine release will create a real addiction, however, its a lot easier to quit a game than to quit smoking or drinking, there is no withdrawal, after a while you just get bored and move on

    if i had to choose anything to be addicted to, it would be video games, as long as you keep yourself healthy there are no downsides

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    Depends on the person/game.

    For me they're rather habit forming.

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    Honestly, it depends on what you define as addiction. Now and days, it seems that playing 6 hours a day is the norm. Especially in the age where we can literally play a game anywhere, anytime. #Tablets

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    Maybe 4 hours a week.
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    I will tell you I'm not addicted, but I will also tell you how 10:15pm turned into 8:15 am on New Years Eve/NYD because I was playing NCAA 2012. Didn't even "play" a game, just simming and recruiting.

    I also have roughly 150K HKs in each of 3 different MMOs.

    I'm not addicted though.
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    If i am addicted to video games, I'll play it for 10-12 hours straight without caring about my school assignments.

    Now somehow that addiction feel off, i honestly don't care much for video games anymore, which sucks...

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    I play games everyday!

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    I wouldn't call it an addiction unless it began negatively impacting my life.

    I too play games everyday but I also do lots of other things, that's just my passion that I like to make time for, within reason.

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    How can you play WoW and not be addicted... Hehehe just kidding just kidding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broccoliz View Post
    How can you play WoW and not be addicted... Hehehe just kidding just kidding.
    The words of a player in denial.

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    I had a problem years back. Would stay up all night, occasionally late for work(oversleeping) and never went out(personal pity party). I realized the issue and backed off a lot. Since I've been in my relationship, I don't game as much(hardly anytime now with a new baby) But on the weekends I'll still play a few hours a day. But I'll say, it depends on the person. I also had a bad drinking problem when I was younger and cocaine is a motherfluffer...

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    I don't consider video games to be addictive.

    Individual games, no - I eventually complete or tire of a game, and then not play it again for a very long time.
    Games in general, no - I often go for months without playing anything.

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    People seem to be more addicted when they were younger? This goes well with having loads more free time to do stuff aka play games. It's like people watching TV alot or reading books alot or getting addicted to other forms of media.

    Dunno, I don't play games any more than I probably should. Now, reading weird stuff on the internet, that's addicting! lol
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