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    Resto Druid Weapon Enchants?!

    Hey everyone, I need help with my resto druid weapon enchants. Icy-veins told me to get Mark of Bleeding Hollow (increases mastery by 500) and it never proc's off of my heals. Anytime i go attack something in cat form, it proc's. Is this a bug or what? Help please
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    bleeding hollow or shadowmoon are preferred, although I think everyone here can and will tell you that shadowmoon is the best for now (shattered hand is also preferred for CMs)

    you can't get bleeding hollow to proc off heals when you test it because it is a real proc per minute trinket and they only proc in combat go aggro a mob and spam heals on yourself, it'll proc (this is a new system introduced in mop that allows for much less predictable procs, some of which can even stack)

    shadowmoon is a traditional internal cooldown trinket and even procs on such amazing out of combat events as logging in and mounting


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