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    If anyone has a infestation account they want to give away, or play on mal ganis ill trade something for it message me

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    My buddies and I got this game back when it was announced and the first playable version came out. We were so excited for it because it seemed so promising. Except this is what we got:

    Zombies that didn't move.
    Completely desolate buildings.
    Not enough food or water to sustain your meters so you ended up dying anyways.
    Weapons were few an far in between (which was fine, except for the fact military bases had nothing).

    There were just so many problems we ended up not having that much fun after the first week. Has anything changed besides the name?

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    Its still horrendous, it has supposedly got 100,000 players daily, its a travesty if true, it has changed so little from the horror that was release, its slightly better optomised with some minor graphical fidelity changes and lots of bug fixes. It is still bad with a capital shit.

    They have a twitter feed to embarrass hackers which I find quite amusing.

    They do seem to have improved communication, the forums are generally wel briefed with Q + A and updates.

    If I had bought it in the sale I would have been happy with a substandard game, I paid like £30 pre release, mugged.
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    So calling half of America below average intelligence isnt "nation bashing?" Sure sounds like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by draykorinee View Post
    If I had bought it in the sale I would have been happy with a substandard game, I paid like £30 pre release, mugged.
    I'd say mugged is a pretty accurate term for anyone who bought this. Atleast you've all got some positive karma coming your way for allowing everyone else to have a good laugh watching people realise what exactly they've paid money for.

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