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    Nunu; Is he a top Support?

    So, today I had a rough day doing solo's. I did very bad in Mid as AP teemo which isn't the usual, but I had a blitz going around killing all my mushrooms and we overall didn't do well.

    I got fed up and dropped 2 loses and was now top person in my bracket. (-15 pts lose and +10 for a win go figure).
    I played Singed top. I did well enough: 6/6/21, but then I did 2 more games. I played Support Nunu. I have 77% win ratio now with Nunu, mainly because I stopped going top and went support with him.

    Needless to say, first game I went 1/3/23 and second game I had a few KS and some KS that I have no clue how I got it and was at 7/3/26. The last game I did great. When ever I play with Nunu, we are always pushing lane. I always sit on the river or near it so no possible ganking as I always go:
    Blood Boil, Consume, Ice Blast, Blood Boil, Blood Boil, Absolute Zero, ETC.

    I don't like to waste gold on wards when I can basically be the ward. I almost never use mana at the start because I go up and hit things to benefit from my special ability called: Visionary which after 5 melee hits, my spells cost no mana.

    Needless to say, I have yet to find another adc + support that can take one myself and my adc.

    So from your own experience with/against Nunu, what is your opinion?
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    Strong & aggressive support. Has great synergy with Vayne & Kog'Maw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rampant Rabbit View Post
    Has great synergy with Kog'Maw.
    Kog'Maw sure loves his Nunu <3

    At the moment I think all kind of supports are viable but Nunu is indeed strong, whether he goes top, support or jungle. I've always preferred active/aggressive supports since that's my playstyle.

    He's a great support, he gives the ADc on your team a buff that exceeds Phantom Dancer and pretty much puts Exhaust on their ADc, lowering their damage tremendously. His ulti is great for protecting the ADc, slowing the other team down and doing some dmg, he's speedy and a great roamer. He can help the allied jungler with counter jungling and small skirmishes.

    As stated I am indeed biased but I really love him as a support and champion, he's a great pick.

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    I prefer him in the jungle. Nunu supportt is fantastic though. Nunu/Kog lane is scary as all hell to face, and come late game Kog with BB will tear apart a team. Nunu/anyone is really good specifically because of Blood Boil. He's at pick or ban status among the pros at tournaments. I'm just glad no one else cares yet in draft and solo q at my ELO.

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    He is aggressive support, good with Vayne/Kog.

    But normally I take Soaraka, her armor buff + combo and a good ADC = win bot lane because of sustain. I stopped playing Sona since the last patch, well, her ulti is handy but on +1350 elo more and more ppl tend to spread so I can't stun properly.

    I avoid blitz cose I can't aim well with hooks, and ppl yell at me that I miss and "omg blitz no hook gg noob, u son of a bch"

    If u like aggr supports, play Nunu, because Blitz requires good aim.
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    Great support, aggressive, I prefer Blitz, but hey, to each their own (or whatever that saying is!)
    These snowballs piss me off on my Singed though.

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    Nunu has a support is really good. My favourite combo with Nunu is by bringing Vayne. If I bring ms quints on her and play with a Nunu, damn, I get a lot of ms, it's very helpful against adc like graves, corki and aggressive supports like Blitzcrak and Leona for example.

    He's E debuff is also very amazing, it can totally shutdown an ad completely, specially a bruiser with no as, he has a nice sustain on his Q when fighting near minions. He's good in jungle and jungling, but I have never had a Nunu jungler on my team to be honest.

    I think he's good at supporting and jungling but I prefer to see him as a support.
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    He's an agressive support or a control jungler. I have seen him top or mid, but I don't think he does as well in those lanes as he doe sin others.

    Though when you are supporting, you do need to buy wards. That's a major component of supporting. He synergizes well with basically anything that auto attacks for their primary source of damage. He works really well with Kog and Vayne, and he also goes well with Caitlyn and ashe, since neither of them have a steroid. So he lets them do more damage than they would just by themselves. Nunu Cait is one of the most frustrating things to lane against. They usually just ram the creep waves into your tower, then just scurry away when the jungler comes. And if someone does manage to get to them, they get a snowball or a net to the face.

    He is also a monster with Tristana too. If she maxes Q first (which is uncommon) and nunu gets bloodboil, she ends up with monstrous AS, and there is really no way to trade with her at that point.

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    To add; He's a great support for anyone who loves Attack Speed. As mentioned before Kog, Vayne and Tris but let's not forget our ever lovable Ashe too
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rampant Rabbit View Post
    Strong & aggressive support. Has great synergy with Vayne & Kog'Maw.
    And Ez tbh, even Ez who levels W first. AD's literally stop attacking after a snowball and a W, while they are slowed and you attack at the speed of light.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Led ++ View Post
    And Ez tbh, especially Ez who levels W first. AD's literally stop attacking after a snowball and a W, while they are slowed and you attack at the speed of light.

    There. Fixt!

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    Nunu is my most played support over the last 4 months.

    Too strong not to pick. Its just so easy to protect your ADC in those big team fights w/ that zoning ultimate (even if you don't hit anyone with it, forcing them to reposition can win a fight alone). In laning phase, you can get a lot of free E harass in, has mega sustain w/ his Q, and as soon as you get a few ranks into bloodboil the opposition simply cannot trade with you.

    I'll pick Sona over Nunu when they are AoE / cluster comp...or any time there's a need for hard CC.

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    As a support, Nunu has the luxury of not requiring much player skill to be successful. So long as your AD is worth anything, throwing your W and running around clueless is adequate, because there is nothing in the game that can give the enemy AD the same power as bloodboil, save having their own Nunu. It's obscene that you can just delay PD and rush LW/GA afer IE or BT because of Nunu, and still do the same or more damage as a standard IE/BT + PD.

    That said, Nunu is much better served in the jungle, although he's also strong during laning phase in top lane.
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    He's up there, bloodboil is really nice, and if you're on purple side you can use consume on the blue buff to help your jungle out. Please buy wards though, that's half the reason the support role exists in the meta game as it is. If you're looking for THE top support, Sona is arguably it as of right now, but nunu is certainly viable.

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    Being a ward rather than buying a ward is just asking to get triple ganged by jungler + bot lane.

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    Yes, he is a great support. His iceball is a great slow along with his bloodboil.

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    Good forum post. I Main support and I have a few things to say about nunu support.

    If you max blood boil then you are only as effective as your AD carry. Nunu's attack speed buff allows your ad carry to out play their ad carry. So, if your AD carry is not very good then I find maxing blood boil really does not pay off.

    If your ad carry is weaker I tend to max or at least put a few more points into snowball than i would otherwise. This allows you to be a bit more aggresive and help your ad carry play better.

    Overall because nunu doesnt have any hard cc some burst combos on bot lane can catch you or your ADC out. Also because nunu has no sustain for your lane partner so if you trade really early with nunu like level 1/2 and come out worse your lane is gonna be tough untill around level 4/5.

    Also not many people have mentioned this but one of the best ADC's i find with Nunu is MF. she really becomes massive bully in lane a lot earlier on than Kog maw with the attack speed buff. She runes almost 500 and she is really strong.

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    MF can be fine early, I just hate her late game.

    Kog 4tw

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    I like him as support too,
    what items do u suggest to buy with him?
    I mean....anything special apart from the normal support build?

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    god i hate those snowballs lol

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