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    How much should fury be doing on stone guard fight?

    I was trailing behind other classes by 20k or so dps, was doing around 48k to 50k dps. I was using avatar and bladestorm for aoe. Then WW, BT, RB and cleave to dump rage. Also have the glyph that increases WW by 10% after a RB.
    Not too happy with fury so far. But hopefully it's something I'm doing wrong.

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    Then what wildstrike?
    Only used cleave when I had a full rage bar.

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    Make sure you're only using 1 stack of Meat Cleaver and not wasting globals on WW when you could be hitting something else. Assuming you're doing a 25m 3-tank strat: Dragon roar is still better for 2 targets than bladestorm and the only time BS *might* be better would be if you we're hitting all four dogs and that's just not feasible.

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    I was using dragon roar but was only getting around 40k dps, then I flipped to bladestorm went up by 8k or so dps. The strat was 2 dogs.

    Even with around 22% crit though, sometimes I would go thru 4BT without getting a RB.

    So you're saying if I have one stack of meatcleaver stop using WW, till RB procs? and just go back to single target on an aoe fight?
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    I did around 51k last night (DR/Bloodbath) playing very conservative with chains/puddles as our healers were struggling.
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    I got around 58k-62k with 460 iLvl, hit+exp capped, 22.05% with 5% raidcrit.
    And what I use is the basic rotation (never forget to use Whirlwind before Raging Blow, otherwise you'll just hit one target), BUT instead of using Bloodbath and DR in the talent tree, I have Avatar+Shockwave.
    Probably link to your Armory profile?

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    How much should fury be doing on stone guard fight?

    Trick question. You should be playing Arms on Stone Guard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chapterhouse View Post
    Trick question. You should be playing Arms on Stone Guard.
    Why's that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by suokki View Post
    Why's that?
    I think Fury will still do well on that fight but Arms has a better two target cleave than Fury does so it's better for that fight.

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    I do this: whirlwind until I have enough meat cleavers to match the number of enemies, then this priority: RB>WW>BT>CB

    The biggest damage boost of course is to stack your cooldowns together with procs from your trinkets and weapon enchants. If you setup power auras for procs, it will be easy to do that.

    I tried using bloodbath but it seems to be terrible at the moment.

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    63k as Arms. I felt better as arms than I did as fury, though my luck with weapons has been shit so I'm stuck playing TG.

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    I changed it up, if there is no RB available then I just use WS between BT and CS. If a RB is available then I build meat cleaver stacks before using. This is on two targets.
    Right now I have 18% crit unbuffed.

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