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    PVP Balance: Mages can die in a fire.

    PVE Balance: Heroics are easy like they are meant to and drpå the gear needed for raids so this is a big + for me who only do heroics for the achieves and the heroic pieces. Challenge mode on the other hand is a great addition made by blizzard and that really pushes you.

    PVE Difficulty compared to WOTLK Difficulty: Cannot comment on this since I didn't play at the start of Wrath, but compared to Cataclysm, which I seriously don't understand how said was hard when all you did was CC one mob from time to time, challenge modes actually are challenging. I'll just compare this to cata and give it about an 8, harder then cata, but still not that hard. The first raid was really fun, some bosses were faceroll cause we had practice on beta but the last two bosses were really greatly tuned for heroic gear + a few epic pieces. So far I can say that I am really looking forward to raiding and the upcoming raids.

    Story Depth (With 1 being boring and 10 being interesting, and gripping): I have yet to do quests and watch the cinematics or bother with anything more then killing and looting, which I'll bother with when I lvl my alt.
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    9/10. Loving the game so far. Quest are awesome. The new Continent is eye candy.

    PvP -> 7/10. Its ok but it still needs some balancing. (prop take a while, and theyll fix on class and screw up another)
    PvE -> 9/10 Have not done much PvE. Tried HC and then Challenge modes. HC are easier then in WOTLK, but the challenge modes are hard, which is so epic Really happy they've added them into the game!
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    9/10 it is very fun to play, I enjoy it very much. Reminds me of TBC.
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    I give it a 4 or so

    I'm pretty much back where I was in Cata, I've done the dungeons time and time again, I did the rep grind to the point where I feel burned out on the dailies, I've killed the world bosses a few times each, I've done the farm, I've farmed actual things to sell and made quite a bit of gold, when LFR comes out and I'm done with that I'll have nothing to do.

    I have plenty of alts but leveling them from 85 to 90 isn't going to happen simply because I'd rather kill myself then do 85-90 again

    I guess I could pvp or something

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    Quote Originally Posted by Getreuer View Post
    9/10 it is very fun to play, I enjoy it very much. Reminds me of TBC.
    No way. Eye candy will never ever match Nagrand, or Netherstorm or watever.

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    Better than Cata. Will need to play a bit more to compare it to WotLK.
    Only joined wow at the end of BC so can't rate it against it.

    I am enjoying it so far. There is a bit of a gank here and there some times you get the gank other times you give the gank.
    O and the panda's doesn't attack you if you attack someone in their village. You can't call it gank, but I have killed an higher level afk'r that was standing by the flight master.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragoncurry View Post
    No way. Eye candy will never ever match Nagrand, or Netherstorm or watever.
    netherstorm was just a purple hellfire with pink domes and a satellite

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    So far those who have done MV says that there are some figjts that are appealing, but I won't really trust this whole tier based on the first raid as the other raids is half a tier above it and probably a little more challenging.

    For the first time lvling got a bit boring - everything is really amazing in mop but.I has to do with that I uncounsiosly compare it to GW2 leveling.
    Other then that, I'm having a blast! To bad I haven't got more then an hour or so per day but it's enough to do the daylies and a couple of heroics.
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    Turns into a rep-grind-nightmare for me...

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    things i did so far ill rate:

    - quests: 8, so many dam cool quest and just a few that annoyed me (mainly cause they didnt work well, with the mass amount of people leveling)
    - dailies/factions: 7 , it are dailies they aint show anything new, but the factions you do them for make them important and fun to do (really wanna become exalted klaxxi so they learn me their secret)
    - dungeons: 7 , well designed but easy but we already knew this before hand.
    - challenge modes: 9 , they're really hard too get a gold achievement and im really enjoying that (
    - scenario's : 7, they aint hard but their pretty dam funny
    - raids: 9, just started doing them this week with the 1st one released and so far its been lots of fun
    - pvp ; - , cant answer this since i havent done any yet
    - pet battle: - , havent really invested any time in this but a guildie of mine who tried this got sucked in and says its awesome (so a 9 from him)
    - Tillers/farm: 8 , really enjoying the fact you got your own farm. which is upgradeable if you make new friends among the tillers
    - Lore: 8 , really liking the Pandaren and other Pandaria native lore they added. especially the faction that is involved with it Lorewalkers.
    - Cinematics: 8 , most (pretty much all) cinematics in MoP are relatively short and too the point. there are more of them then in Cataclysm, but they dont bore you out like the ones in Uldum did with harrison jones.

    overall i would give MoP an 8 so far, really enjoying the things i did so far

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    PVP Balance - 5? I dunno I don't really PVP much, I did a few BG's and it seems that Frost DK's are crazy OP atm, but more than that what I really hated was just the sheer amount of CC everyone has now. I would get stuck in a Fear from a Spriest, then Stunned, then Blinded, then Feared again. Not even a Human can shake off the crazy amount of CC that can be dished out, also I think Healers are just much to hard to kill atm.

    PVE Balance - 9. Naturally top guilds will always find classes which majorly outshine in general or on specific fights and use more than that, but as someone whom is just in your run of the mill Semi-Hardcore Guild, everyone in my group is about Equal DPS atm. I'm loving the crazy tank Damage, makes me think about my DPS CD Usage as well as mitigation and mechanics.

    PVE Difficulty - 9. Some people might Question this number, but seriously. The Heroic Dungeons are about the same level, Mogu'shan Vaults is waaay more difficult than Naxx was (and 10 times more fun) and Challenge modes ARE INSANELY AWESOME (In respect to Fun, Intensity and Difficulty). Challenge mode counts for like 20 points since it wasn't even there in WOTLK, also World Bosses.

    Story Depth - 9 ... The whole Lorewalker stories were extremely interesting. Honestly it's so refreshing having a completely new story with a new world to explore. With Cataclysm you EXPECTED it to be awesome, because Deathwing's prior story was kick ass. At least this time if the story was crap then it wouldn't be doubly the letdown, but alas, the story is extremely well done.

    Overall the Expansion rates extremely highly, we will have to wait for further content patches (Including the last now that we've seen what a crappy last patch can do) to give it a proper score, but atm it's sitting on a cool 9 for me (I don't really care about PVP or it's balance), basically it's right on TBC's Heels.

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    i don't care about other ppl opinions, am i honest enough?

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    Honestly, this was the least fun I've had leveling since I started back in Vanilla. I hate the faction gating via rep requirements and I hate having to grind dailies upon dailies to unlock the factions I want to raise. I don't like how they did Cooking. I do like the amount of rare spawns and random "fun" items. I'm neutral on Farmville. I've yet to start raiding (tonight) or PvP (busy gearing up for raiding) so I can't comment on those yet.

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    Blizzard has already publicly stated that the demographic age for MoP is Age 12 and slightly above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eike View Post
    i don't care about other ppl opinions, am i honest enough?
    That's pretty damn honest. Hell you should start a new thread and get people's opinions about that.

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    I'm having fun... to much fun.. My play time at lvl 90 is 3 days...... so yea.

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    Sweet and simple answer inc! 8/10

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    Quote Originally Posted by Titheon View Post
    Blizzard has already publicly stated that the demographic age for MoP is Age 12 and slightly above.
    thats the rating wow has always had...

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    Can't say much about PvP.
    PvE is done pretty well. Scenarios are just for kicks and giggles. Dungeons and the Heroic versions are fairly easy and Challenge Mode is there for the real, well, challenge.
    Visually the place is stunning.

    Plot wise I am happy to say that there's more emphasis on YOU.
    YOU are the one whom some NPCs confide in. YOU are the 'ambassadorial face' really of the first steps into Pandaria towards the natives. In the culmination of the story that starts once you go into the Valley of the Four Winds (and Krasarang Wilds), it's not you who happens to be holding the line long enough for Bigname McNPC to swoop in to save the day... YOU do the actual big finish.
    That's already a pretty big improvement for this expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbombard View Post
    That's pretty damn honest. Hell you should start a new thread and get people's opinions about that.
    thats made me laugh:P

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