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    Eminence limited to only a few skills?

    I've been watching my combat log while testing out eminence healing on random mobs and I've noticed that any skill that has a healing component to it will not trigger eminence. This includes at least Spinning Crane Kick, Chi Wave and Expel Harm. I get this would be to avoid double-dipping but the list of skills that actually don't activate Eminence seems to be on par or greater than the number that do.
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    The way that I see it, if it is a heal spell, no eminence. SCK is a heal first, therefore, no eminence. Chiwave is kinda both, but a heal none-the-less. Expel harm is also a heal first.

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    Oh well, not like more abilities need it.

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    Yup just Jab, Tiger Palm, Crackling Jade Lightning and Blackout Kick and my favorite touch of death

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    working as intended.

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