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    it is artificial yeah and it sucks. This is their way of solving the "lack of content" issue or the "i have nothing to do" issue.
    Just make everything last longer... and by everything, i mean everything. Even killing a mob takes more time.

    So doctor i have pain in my left arm, can you help me?
    Sure, says the doctor and he picks up something and smashes it on the right arm of the patient.
    Doctor, my right arm is hurting like hell.
    Doctor says: but you aren't thinking of your left arm anymore, is it?

    And there are people here on mmo who defend this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azrile View Post
    There are 300ish daily quests. You have to do about 6 of them every day. That is NOT a grind.
    Okay, maybe I am not doing it right then.
    I am working on Klaxxi and golden lotus.
    Are you saying I will do about 6 dailies every day?

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    After catching up on this thread after sleeping, I can see that both sides of the debate are still spinning their wheels.

    1) Make quest mobs have less hp. They can still hit as hard, but not have obscene health pools. That way dailies won't feel so lengthy, even if little time has actually passed. (For the record, I'm a very efficient player, and I don't see where people are saying the dailies take only fifteen minutes tops. Klaxxi alone take me fifteen, and that's if amber saps etc aren't horrendously overcamped with their miserably slow respawn timer).
    1.5). OR, alternatively, give far fewer dailies per rep (let's say, three) but make those dailies give you 500-750 rep each. I hate doing dailies and turning them in for a whopping (OMG!) 100-150 rep.
    2) Improve currency rewards for dungeoning, even if slightly.
    3) Remove the rep requirement from vp gear.

    Tell me, oh you stalwart defenders of daily quests, how this would in any way negatively impact your daily questing experience. Because as someone who once liked dailies but frankly finds most of them ridiculously repetitive and dull now, I lean in favor of dungeon grinds over daily grinds. They ARE both grinds. They both have pros and cons. But at least I enjoy dungeons. I enjoy some dailies, but most are tedious to me.

    Ps, I love that a blue post said that dailies are content just because the group of dailies you get isn't necessarily the same every day. Whoop dee doo. I've still done these quests before. It just comes across as extremely lazy storytelling and a lack of effort on the quest team's part.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Faroth View Post
    Hold on...

    Shado Pan, Klaxxi, Golden Lotus all lead to valor point gear and all combined they take more than 30 minutes, so I can't see you sitting in Org after 30 minutes with nothing to do.

    And by my calculations, IF you're correct then you're saying 30 minutes of dailies followed by 13 random heroics a day is bad, but endless heroics a day is good.
    Except I can't do shado pan or celestial until I'm REVERED with lotus. So for now I'm stuck doing Klaxxi and lotus which takes all 30 minutes. Hell even if I had shado pan and celestials it would take me what an hour? Okay that's still only an hour.

    Ultimately what I'm trying to say is that the current system of getting people out in the world is poor because not only is it tied to the liimt that you can only do the dailies ONCE a day but also because it's far to task oriented. I get out into the world but I may as well be instanced because I make a beeline for that quest area and then that's it I'm done. Is it better than being in org for que? Sure. Is it a real solution to keeping people in the world? No not really. Eventually they'll be exalted with those factions and furthermore people aren't really paying attention to the world or stopping to smell the roses. They just go and kill what they need to. Asap.

    What I don't get and what bugs me the most about this whole thing is why can't dungeons be more rewarding? What is the problem with dungeons being rewarding? I just don't get it Blizzard. You took all the reward from dungeons and threw it to dailies because dungeons were to rewarding. But now you've made dailies to rewarding. Is it because dailies have an artificial limit?
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    I think the daily quests would be fine if they were supplemental to the actual story line. Something about showing up for 30 minutes, killing a few mobs and then flying back to town doesn't really seem all that engaging in terms of a conflict.

    "Sorry the mantids are banging on the door, I've done my quests for today, see you all tomorrow."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kilan89 View Post
    I personally hated the tabards, as nice as they were, the dungeons got boring too fast in cata, the current way with dailies you spend maybe an hour for ALL the dailies and the only time its bad is during peak hours.
    I am only asking for a choice in how to get my rep... cap rep earned per week but let people get it however they want.. grinding dailies, putting on a tabard and running dungeons. whatever. give us a choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aim View Post
    To a certain extent, I agree. And you know what? I much prefer those first couple of weeks of Cataclysm 5 mans that were enteraining than I do these 15 minute mindless AOE fest ones they have now. I actually really liked the Cataclysm 5 mans before all the forum dwelling goblin low lives whinged non-stop, so incessantly that they nerfed them.[COLOR="red"]
    Yea I didn't think they were very hard either but what are you gonna do. I much prefer the "challenge" of cataclysm to the "challenge" of mists. The virtual sweat of my brow not withstanding. What are you gonna do right? Unsub I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shambulanced View Post
    2) Improve currency rewards for dungeoning, even if slightly.
    I could stomach dailies if this happened and it was a moderate improvement. Not just slightly.

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