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    Quote Originally Posted by Herecius View Post
    Murder of Crows comes out ahead... if you're using it exactly on cooldown and a fight lasts exactly 5:30 or 7:30, or 9:30 with the assumption that the boss goes into its execute range at the exact moment Murder comes off CD (while lasting another minute and a half), and is also single target. It would also come out ahead on a fight with an abnormally long execute phase (talking Ragnaros-length execute time), but there haven't been any of those yet.

    I far and away prefer Lynx Rush over Blink Strike simply because I'm not too fond of cramming even more short-length CDs into the hunter rotation. Would rather simply be using LR with every other BW and on the pull as well. Blink Strike does have its uses though; Elegon comes to mind, as does Will.
    I know the feeling, particularly for BM. The rotation is already jammed full of enough other abilities to push. Still deciding whether or not I want to continue using TotH or swap back to using Fervor for that same reason. Blink Strike on Elegon is worthwhile for sure, however. The instant swap to Sparks as BM is huge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by refire View Post
    Thinking just a little bit huh?
    I don't have to think any more about it. What i can say is that i lost exactly 9 second on readiness aMoC because i decided to put it on the second on the second un petrified mob as i had both trinket procs and synapse springs.
    And i delayed one for 30s because we had a power down and was still use all the possible aMoC for the fight time frame
    You have to a knowledge how we did the swaps to say i'm wrong, as we went full range our tanks changed who was tanking 2 mobs, so if a tank that was geting a petrification had only one mob he was tauting the one with the lowest energy which happened to be the one with aMoC.
    So with our setup and strat it was impossible to loose or delay aMoC for petrification

    Quote Originally Posted by Herecius
    Murder of Crows comes out ahead... if you're using it exactly on cooldown and a fight lasts exactly 5:30 or 7:30, or 9:30
    Don't know where you got that info but on my kill on Elegon where i was ranked 160+ my aMoC did more dmg (over 1.5M) then Kripparians Lynx Rush on his kill where he was ranked 1.

    And yes aMoC scales with mastery if you're still not sure or believe me it does try it out on a dummy with a mastery buff pet.

    As of ragnaros execute it like fight, it will be probably op on Will hc, as you have 2 mobs with an immense hp pool + the fight will last probably 10 min+

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    Quote Originally Posted by refire View Post
    Simulation Craft is very bad for hunters. That is true. Femaledwarf is incredibly accurate. I don't know why people even considered Simcraft results to matter when they've never been close for hunters in the past.
    This assertion is simply out of date (at least for hunters). If you find results that are wrong, point it out on the EJ thread. If you don't get desired results, change the action priority list to better match how you play or want to play. Just like I use FD when I want a quick comparison, Zeherah herself uses SimulationCraft when she needs more accuracy (e.g., formulation cannot sim haste very well). We reviewed SimulationCraft and FD damage etc. with each other and with Blizzard data, so they are both more accurate than they have ever been. Making the default profiles better however requires community input, so we are eager to get profiles for improved priority lists and playstyles.

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