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    You guys have got to check it out. I'm not a massive Minecraft modder and have only played minecraft with a few friends on small servers over the years so I this is a POV from someone not used to massive Minecraft server but since seeing all the phenomenal work Athene has done for charity I thought I would create this thread to create further awareness(Very sorry if there is already a thread on this).

    The server is amazing fun, today the server had 600 people online. I was super addicted and there are some excellent rules in place to prevent griefing and it seems a lot of work has gone into it to make it playable. I love how you can have your own patch of land and slowly upgrade it and have it rated which then allows your plot to grow. You can invite friends, have permissions

    Website Link.

    You even have chances of winning Razer gear. If you're a Minecraft fan you have to try it it takes 2 seconds to connect using play.mcnext.net when setting up server and you will be in the game instantly and a message will sound to your neighbours who will come welcome you.

    It has pvp, boss battles, rewards, prizes, events, constant balancing/patches and best of all it helps towards charity.

    Updated: FAQ Link. - Very useful when you start out.

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    ill give it a try but the tailer looks good

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    Next to winning razor gear this seems like just another MC server, nothing special.

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    The trailer looks really good! Athene is an amazing man, and he with Reese has been doing a fantastic job for many gaming communities and Save the Children!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarac View Post
    Next to winning razor gear this seems like just another MC server, nothing special.
    By making this bigger you give them better chances of saving lives.

    For me the content in the trailer was very accurate of what you can expect in game. But this is only the beginning, todat Athene was talking about adding factions to the game, I think they are going to add a lot more excellent stuff.

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    Hopefully we can discuss the new server in this thread instead of talking about whether you like Athene or not.

    Did anyone figure out the best way to increase your plot size? I've heard mixed information from general chat. Is it from house ratings or levelling up?.

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    A good example of what you can make. Lots of potential for tower defence type games people can join and play together and even earn razor gear.

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    it looks like fun, might try it out some time

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    minecraft killed athene

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    I tried the sever. It was fun at first but had some flaws. For starters, anyone can toggle on to be a "help mod". Even if they are clueless. Athene didn't really communicate well and when I left and gave some feedback for him to hopefully learn from, he flat out said he stopped reading halfway through. He tries way to hard to make part of the game about hardcore PvP. I was having a ball, until greifers got all my best gear. He doesn't really punish the true greifers. Just the ones who accidentally, or intentionally, mine to close to someones house. I read their reddit page and it seems like its a reoccurring theme for him to do things that angers several people. Hopefully it lasts for awhile, but not because of him, for the charity. Sadly, im not sure how long it'll last when he cant even communicate beyond his live stream.

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    Every other night, a Wither will spawn at your house and wreck all of your shit.
    Other then that I am having a good time on this server. The Stormwind City they made looks really nice.

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    I think that it is a really cooli server, yay. I can build my house!

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