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    Quote Originally Posted by Hopscotch View Post
    1 year of a gradual decline from 10 to 1
    This one for me.

    Sure it may suck at first, but the great thing about the human body is the ability to cope with pain. Especially if you can't help it.
    After a while we get used to it and it will only improve after that.

    On one hand, you'd have gotten somewhat used to the pain and on the other hand you'll only feel better each day. It's a win-win situation (well, apart from getting the pain in the first place of course)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hopscotch View Post
    Decline/incline seemed more personality driven. Delay what you can today for tomorrow or dive in head first.
    From 1 to 10 doesn't seem a good idea psychologically. We're more likely to give up when things constantly get worse.

    Maybe a few people could do it, but I think most can't.

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    Knowing that the pain would increase could drive you insane.
    Atleast with the declining one you atleast know that it's only getting better, like recovering from physical trauma.
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    Last one without doubt, assuming they are all mathematically equal (no math wiz here)

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    If i knew 100 percent that the pain would drop off exactly after one year then i would take the 1-10

    best to take things slowly then let is gradually work its way up cause you could actually get used to it but having excruciating pain right off the bat no thank you cause i hope that when it gets to 10 i would prolly have gotten used to it

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    Would suck at first but then you get six months at 5 and lower.

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    Should have made this a poll OP, damn it!

    Constant 6. I've dealt with obnoxiously terrible pains for long enough times, bring it on.
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    Well I think two of the options average 5, whereas the constant 6 is obviously 6, so I would probably choose the 10 declining to 1. That's my life's pain anyway, bad to easier.

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    I guess its like would you rather jump into a scalding hot bath knowing it will get cooler or to jump into a luke warm bath knowing it will gradually get very very hot?

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    Gradual decline from 10-1.
    I hate headaches so if 1 is a headache 6 has to be pretty damn bad tbh, 1 should be more like a stitch or something, just an uncomfortable feeling. Headaches hurt!

    And 10-1 is far better than 1-10 because a few months in I can say "well the worst is over"

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    I think the decline from 10 to 1. Get the worst out of the way first.
    Either that or a constant 6. But I think the decline.
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    Constant 6, I get chronic headaches and often migraines so I think I could manage 6s.
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    10 - 1

    I think

    Maybe 6

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