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    Building houses

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    Oh my.

    First of all I'd have season courtside seats to the New York Knicks, but that's a LOT of money because Madison Square Garden/Manhattan is where all the rich big dick ballers live and they can afford $29, 000 per ticket for just one game whereas I can't. I also could not reasonably make most of these games and keep up with schoolwork sufficiently.

    I also want a video game room. I'm talking a 100 inch high def T.V. with every single system hooked up to it and every video game that ever comes out. Also a lot of arcade games and movie posters and stuff.

    Uhhhh then I need the best gaming computer possible that never EVER lags and has the best internet connection.

    Sadly I can only afford a mini plan for the Knicks with seats that aren't courtside, a 52 inch TV and a PS3/Wii/some video games and a decent desktop with solod internet connection, since I'm paying $18, 000 in tuition a year and having an unpaid internship yields me no money.

    Looking for graphic artist to draw simple pictures. PM me for details. (For now the position is filled. You can still PM me.)

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