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    in the land of killer unicrons
    professor putricide 25hc and unbound plague swapping

    sindragosa and chaining the ice tombs

    as mentioned, virtually the entire LK HC25 encounter

    the dance in naxx soo many failed and ultimately caused a wipe cos of not enough ppl alive to finish

    ice tomb on kel'thuzad, and ice block on sapphiron, partly cos being a mage i would have a macro setup to yell "i'm an ice block" when i cast ice block, which always ended in some fun and games afterwards .

    lady deathwhisper heroic25 and phase 2 when the ghosts would explode, if u weren't spread out enough they would kill half the raid and u would wipe because of that.

    probably loads more but none that spring to mind atm.

    retired march 2013 RIP

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    the most unforgiven i encoutered myself was indeed defile, 24 ppl dodged it properly 1 idiot didnt causing a huge pool too spawn in which others were caught also.
    really made valkyr killing impossible sometimes, since we were forced too the edge by defile.

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    Almost any mechanic on Mimiron HM pre-nerf.


    every mechanic on heroic ragnaros.
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    Omnitron dmg-shield booming says hello.

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    Personally, dealing with Darkness while progressing on pre-nerf M'uru was painful and largely unforigivng, especially when Negative Energy caused spell pushback.

    There were no glyphs for Mass Dispel's cast timer. If you lagged ever so slightly and got hit w/ a black beam to cause spell pushback, those dark void buggers would start one shotting people in your raid. Any deaths AT ALL in Phase 1 pretty much guaranteed a wipe due to how tightly tuned it was.

    Out of the 250+ attempts we put in, I probably botched 5 or 6 Negative Energies...but those were the wipes where the flack was directed at the most obvious of targets: "THAT GOOD-FOR-NOTHING TOP 10 US MANA BATTERY, DAMNIT."

    The first botched mass dispel was pretty funny...3 people just got flat out insta-gibbed. I took a minute or two before I piped in over vent to admit the mistake.
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    Triggering P1 traps on Ragnaros while the raid lacks HP, or failing to use Slow Fall/Blink in time and dieing while you're the only Mage in the raid, forcing the rest of the raid to abort and wipe because they can't trigger the traps without a Mage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KidCanuck View Post
    Archimonde. Definitely.

    - Air burst: kills you if you don't hit your slowfall item (AoE as well).
    - Doomfire: fire that moves around and leaves trails behind it, puts a 45 sec DoT on you for huge damage if you get hit.
    - Grip of the legion: massive shadow damage DoT that lasts ... 1 min? 5 min? I can;t remember.
    - Fear: fears all players. So, people get feared through the fire trails, or healers get feared and can't keep the DoT damage healed, tank gets feared and gets hit in the back, etc.
    - Soul Charge: whenever a player dies, he gains soul charge, which does a huge AoE damage to the entire raid, plus either a 4 sec silence, a 50% increased damage taken debuff, or drains a fuckton of mana.

    So, one person fucks up air burst, fear runs a bunch of people through the fire, or runs people away from their healers, or a person with one of the DoTs gets air bursted away, etc. etc. etc. and now Soul Charge comes out, which kills another person or 2 at least, which gives more soul charges, and Bam, wiped!

    I would absolutely love to watch LFR Archimonde. The QQ would be legendary.
    you summed it up. Archimonde takes the cake.

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    Archimonde was pretty unforgiving too, if anyone died the boss did some nasty things, some classes death was not so bad, but some were almost certain wipe.

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    Also, Archimonde was perfectly manageable if your raiders had half a brain (most didn't). The DPS requirement was so low everyone just had to focus on living by any means necessary...if the "enrage" timer (in this case, that big AoE shadow thing) had been tighter it would have been a ball-buster of a fight.

    We had early kills with half the raid dead by the time we got to 10%...which if you folks don't recall, looked like this:
    Phase 2
    At 10% health, the following things happen:
    Archimonde gets attacked by Wisps, which kill him automatically after 60 seconds
    Tyrande gives the raid a 60 second invulnerability (de-)buff (Protection of Elune)
    Archimonde channels Nordrassil, the World Tree (just an animation, no other effect). He also spams Finger of Death to no effect
    Since reaching Phase 2 is an automatic victory, the only thing the raid has to accomplish is to bring Archimonde down to 10% within 9 minutes. This means the raid has to deal 10% damage per minute, which is 500,000 damage in 60 seconds, or less than 10,000 DPS. Given 15 damage dealers, this means an average of 670 DPS per damage dealer, which is less than half of what players at this gear level should be able to sustain. Therefore, nobody should take any risk. Running away during the whole fight is perfectly ok (because it means that the people on the other side do their job unimpaired) - just don't die.
    They should have made the timer more like 6-7 minutes...that would have made things interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toxigen View Post
    Also, Archimonde was perfectly manageable if your raiders had half a brain (most didn't).
    Well... that's the root of every bosses difficulty, isn't it?
    If everyone executes flawless, the boss goes down.
    No matter what the bosses name and mechanic is

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    Parasitic Shadowfiend from Illidan.

    One person screws up and then the whole raid is scrambling to try and clean up the adds, but it always leads to a prolonged wipe as the adds just become too numerous to handle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackblade View Post
    Throwing the core around in P2 Vashj was good fun if someone didn't know what to do, didn't realize the core was thrown to them, or didn't get in LOS to throw/catch the core beforehand.

    Nevermind the rest of the madness that went on during that phase.
    THROW THE DAMN FOOTBALL RETARD ....I still have that macro in my computer somewhere. Vash and KT were hands down the biggest guild killers in TBC prior to Mu'ru

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kisho View Post
    Since about 99% of this thread is about Defile, I'll go for the one that personally broke me as a raid leader. I never truly recovered from it.

    Archimonde. Fucking Archimonde and his stupid sodding air burst, where he knocks people up into the air. Although I suppose it's not strictly that ability (though it was the one people most screwed up on); it was the one where every time someone died, Archimonde gained a charge to use a super raid-wipey ability. Which then likely caused another death, so he gained another charge, then another death, etc. etc...

    Just. Fuck Archimonde. Fuck him all the way to hell.
    I stated Defile and Burning Adrenaline earlier, but reading this post.. I recalled the one fight that almost broke me as a raid leader and that was Yogg-Saron phase 1. Yes.. you read that right... PHASE 1. At the time.. I was raiding with... well... less than mentally adequate people.. who all thought they were airplanes and loved to hit clouds.

    One of the simplest mechanics in a boss fight and we failed for 90 minutes straight on it one day. Needless to say we did some recruiting and we took him down and went on to get server first Lich King.. but my God... it may be been easy for other guilds, but when you don't have the right people, that was one that was very unforgiving to me.

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    Tears on Archimonde.
    "But i swear i pressed the button before i touch the ground" still echoes in my ears

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    Sindragosa's ice prisons. It was a relatively simple mechanic but if someone messes it up, good luck recovering from 8 people stuck in ice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amarristo View Post
    second boss in BWL, nothing like having yours tanks get the debuff and insta dying after 30sec
    I was going to say this. Only boss in all of wow that if you fucked up within the first minute fight was over. No other boss that had a mechanic that would wipe a raid after 30 seconds into fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryuuki View Post
    Much like Defile, I also hated Shadow Trap (Lich King hc) when I went back to kill him with a pug. Though it *is* fun to see people fly off the platform.
    haha. the first time our whole raid got blown off the platform. my daughter who was standing behind me watching went "that was cool! do it again!" I couldn't stop laughing for like 5 minutes.

    I'm voting for defile. though insanity was a pain in the ass for sure

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    Defile, on heroic LK, nothing before or after has caused me so much wipes, and anger. Perfect attempt to P3? Too bad, the mage who was getting defiled blinked before it dropped, effectively dropping it in the raid.

    I personally loved the encounter, but oh man, was it a pain in the ass with low % wipes, most of which were caused by defile. :/

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    This is a really stupid question.

    Pretty much every tier has that boss where the raid stacks up and people have to run out at a certain time or else they explode all over everyone. It's a very common mechanic.

    Quote Originally Posted by thewespie View Post
    I was going to say this. Only boss in all of wow that if you fucked up within the first minute fight was over. No other boss that had a mechanic that would wipe a raid after 30 seconds into fight.
    What game are you playing, man? Evey single encounter in the game has the ability to wipe a raid 30 seconds in. Are you really saying that the first 30 seconds of every encounter are safe from harm?
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    I'm bitter by default. Don't take it personally.
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    Either give an argument, or be automatically wrong. Your choice.

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