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    Garalon 10m, who should take pheromones?

    1x Mistweaver Monk,
    1x Holy Paladin,
    2x Blood DK Tank,
    1x Boomkin,
    2x Warriors,
    1x Warlock,
    1x Frost DK,
    1x Hunter

    Which should be taking the pheromones please ?

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    Since you're 2-healing it I'd say tanks and 2 mobile dps? (Hunter and Warlock?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimord View Post
    Since you're 2-healing it I'd say tanks and 2 mobile dps? (Hunter and Warlock?)
    we 3 man healed it. went 2 tanks > 3 healers > 2 tanks > healers

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    Tanks are pretty good for this

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    We 3 heal, so we alternate tank 1 > healer 1 > tank 2 > healer 2. That is 3 healed.. I wouldn't know for 2 heals.. as a healing monk I just stick to meleeing the boss.

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    I'm sorry but may I ask how you do it when you let your tanks handle pheromones?

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    Okay thanks we do it with 2 tanks and Hunter/Warlock now.

    We're having issues with some legs going outside the walls, how do you counter this?

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    1) Tank 2) Healer A 3) Healer B 4) Boomkin.

    Make sure the healers are still in range of some players to put pressure off the other healer.

    Boomkin can self-heal and has good survivability CDs. I don't know how good their DPS is during mobility.

    In general 3 healers works, but a ranged DPS who can do proper DPS while moving and has survivability CDs is alright for doing it too.

    You could let the boomkin get a resto spec, he can reuse all his gear and only has to reforge a little. Resto druid is very viable for the fight. You'll have to do good DPS, may get into enrage problems.
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    we got monk healer, lock, 2x mage, disc priest, ele shaman, ret pala, rogue, druid tank, warrior tank.

    i was able to solo heal (mistweaver ~97k hps) the fight prety much while the disc priest, warlock, a mage and eleshammy took the pheromones. the disc priest kept en eye on the guy with pheromone and smited the boss. ~2mins left on enrage timer quiet easy. where with 3 healers and only dps taking pheromoes we kept wiping due enrage

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    My guild is 3 man healing with 4 people in the rotation. Usually Holypaladin, Elem, Boomie(me), (mage/lock)

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    I play Demo Lock and for our kill we did this

    I picked up 1st, ported to the edge and started to kite to a corner. By the time I was at the corner I had 18-19 stacks and the MT took it off me. The MT got it to 20 which was then taken off the OT, then by a hunter then back to me .

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    We ended up changing our tactics today for the kill and we went with 2 healers and 4 kiters (switching at 20 stacks). We had 2 tanks and 2 ranged dps kiting (ele shammy and shadow priest). Initially our order was Tank > Tank > Priest > Shaman but we changed to have the ranged in between tanks so for the kill we had this order: Prot Paladin (me) > Shadow Priest > Blood DK > Ele Shaman.

    If you want to see the Ele Shaman kiting you can check the vid here (his PoV, obviously):

    PS: We changed the order of the kiters because we were having certain parts of the room getting really stacked up in pheromone trails while others were clean.

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