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    5770 for MoP

    As the title says! Anyone using a 5770 for MOP and whats the framerates like on high settings. Just throwing a PC together for the gf out of parts cause shes starting to play it. Will be running on an old Intel Q8200 with 6GB ram on a 24" Monitor probably
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    I raided 25mans for some time with that card, everything on High i wouldn't really recommend, other then that it's an okay card.MoP seems alot better optimized then Cata so i wouldn't know how it plays out now.Any other options you have in mind?

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    yeah basically i found one in a box of old parts i have, was just wondering how they are before i buy a new one. Ill just throw a 7870 in it instead probably
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    Just do the 7870.
    I have one too and it's a beast card.

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    yeah i use a 7970 in my main gaming system. Buy the reference model cheap. overclock the life out of it save yourself $150 lol
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    I think it should be able to even raid 25mans if u put low settings+under 1920x reso+dx9.

    But yeah go for 7870 ofc, if u have one.

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    I'm using a i5-750 @ 4.0 ghz & a 5770 right now, raiding 25 man Elegon I need to throw down my settings to fair to be able to survive, and even in P3 It freezes up I see like 1-2 fps max making it fairly unplayable. The card can handle every other encounter at good settings with ease.

    Definitely go with the 7870 lol

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