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    Challenge modes hands down. I understand that not many people have tried them and fewer have gotten all gold like myself but these dungeons are one of the best things that have ever happened to WoW. Why people arent trying them im not sure but it might have something to do with no automatic queue system and low reward for spending a potential 3 hours to complete one dungeon.
    Or that most people do not care about the challenge modes or they don't care or like the challenge mode gear.

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    Personally? New models, hands down. Challenge modes are fun, but I prefer raiding and totally new content rather than different modes of content.

    So, it wouldn't be worth it to me to have them go back and do Challenge modes for old content at the cost of new models. A few Challenge modes paired with new content is just fine.
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    maybe in the same scope, but not the same team, try to know the difference.... programmer dont redo the character model.

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    Character models, definitely! Right now it's like 8 bit Mario in a 64 bit world...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrapTripper View Post
    because its both the same scope almost...
    How do you even know such thing?

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    New content, new models.

    That's all.
    Why people want Classic back; In Classic, you'd be considered "hardcore" and "winning" at the game simply by reaching max level and having a few epics. You could be struggling to handle 2-ability bosses, yet still see kills.
    To "be" something today, you need to meet requirements in knowledge, performance and even timelines, facing other players of equal skill or tackling bosses tuned for the 1% of the 1% to tackle whilst fresh.

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    Given the lack of interest in Challenge Modes by the community, I'd expect the majority to ask for new models and I agree, new models please!

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