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  • PVP is completely unnecessary

    44 23.16%
  • PVP is a 'nice-to-have' feature

    80 42.11%
  • PVP's absence will kill the game

    65 34.21%
  • What's PVP?

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    Depends on the game. In WoW, for example, while it does have some fans, it's a pretty negative feature overall- it was very much shoehorned in and often has a bad influence on game balance that damages the rest of the game. However, if we're talking about something with more meaningful PvP, namely a game featuring RvR content (like Dark Age of Camelot, Elder Scrolls Online, or to someone extent GW2)or an immersive sandbox (for upcoming games, Age of Wushu or Pathfinder Online), then it could be a great thing- it really needs to be a core focus of the game and far more meaningful than WoW. Stuff like team deathmatches are never good. And if PvP is completely separate from the rest of the game, it has to have it's own balance! Anything else would be very harmful to the game, like in WoW.

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    TBH I couldn't care less about PvP. Sure if it's there I might give it a try, in WoW I do the holiday BG achieves and I LOVED Hutt Ball in Swtor...

    But if the word came down from On High that tomorrow "WoW 2.0" or any other AAA Mmo title was coming out and would have ZERO PvP, 100% focus on PvE, raids, dungeons, exploration and achievements, I would play that in SECONDS over a game that was 100% focused on PvP... Hell even 50% focused, as I would know that the 100% focused Devs would have more time/money/effort to focus on the parts of the game that I play.
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    i would say its a matter of taste.

    the games i had the most fun had a strong pvp part (DAoC, WAR, GW 2, SWtoR, Classic WoW and ,belive me or not, LotRO).

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    I don't like PvP, but it really is a necessity if you want a MMO to be played by many people. PvE content is the biggest thing, sure, but PvP is also damn important to keep the competetive people going.

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    The MMO will still always have something missing from it, im not even an avid pvper but its still an essential part to proper MMO's.

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    I kinda only care about pvp in games where they have fully lootable player corpses. Makes it fun, especially if gear/money is hard to obtain in the game. Can't really imagine a good game coming out these days with those loot rules though, with so many people who would just straight up "exploit" the shit out of it.

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