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    Why do people dual box in bg's and get away with it?

    So it seems like more and more people are doing this, they put one toon on follow and then randomly switch every now and then so they don't appear afk. How is this not against the rules or the spirit of the game? Basically one toon is in fact always going to be afk, it's dirt and its cheap and it really should be considered cheating and get at least a three day ban IMHO. It's a team event and the team is coming up short by at least one toon, more if there are more people doing it.

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    because it is not illegal

    After reading your post I understand you dont mean dualboxing, just simple afking. That is frowned upon. You are not supposed to idly get rewards.

    Dual boxing is when you control two accounts (2 toons) simulteanously with one keyboard.
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    As long as one keystroke = one action per character then it is legal

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    more subs for blizzard

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    Use the report function. I received a 3 hour ban (expired by the time I logged on again, lol) because I was auto-run AFK'ing against a wall in AV, so reporting does work you just have to do it.

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    More accounts = more money for Blizzard, why would they ban that?
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    I'm not sure what is worse, being on a team with 3 ppl afk (doing what you suggest)

    or being on a team with 3 ele shamans multi boxing properly and one shotting you.

    Eitherway, I love PVP, and in most random BGs 1v1 just isn't fair on the other guy.

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