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    Surrounded by idiots

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magdalena View Post
    Death Knights are fine.
    Scratch that, we're more than fine. We're in an excellent position this tier, both damage and tanking wise. The one spec that hasn't seen much representation is getting some needed mechanical changes in 5.2 to encourage more of us to play it.
    Overall, we're in a far better spot right now than we were for the majority of Cataclysm.

    a lot of the changes are QOL changes...In fact I dont think many people here are complaing about our damage. I think our damage is great. What I dont think is great is our status in pvp. You bring classes to pvp for four reasons, damage, utility, mobility, and cc....we have ONE of those that is reliable and that's damage. Also dated mechanics why is IBF 20RP for dps classes, why does pillar cost a frost rune, strangulate still being 2m cooldown with a run cost. We are the ONLY class with major cooldowns costing a significant portion of our resource. While yes it does regenerate(the frost rune for pof) it makes 2H insanely clunky due to the old blood tap being taken out. I could go on but I honestly dont think you pvp so you won't get it. But like i said I dont see people really saying up our deeps...we dont really need or want our deeps to go up. I think I can say for the vast majority that our dps is REALLY good this tier and we are happy with it we just need serious QOL changes to every spec.

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    Not for nothing but I feel like an unstoppable machine in pvp most of the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asteriix View Post
    Not for nothing but I feel like an unstoppable machine in pvp most of the time.
    stop doing random bgs, low rating bgs, or low rating arena.

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    Quote Originally Posted by valliant13 View Post
    stop doing random bgs, low rating bgs, or low rating arena.
    Good thing i don't care about getting a high arena rating. I guess i'm set?

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    yeah u are set. the majority of others arent? what exactly are u adding to the convo again? stop trolling

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    anyways.. ia m done with wow until blizz gets their heads out of their asses and keep telling dks u were op in s5 so u deserve to suck forever.

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    I think it's time this thread came to an end.
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