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    Was the BMAH hotfixed recently? More items per day?

    Usually the BMAH has 2-3 items every day, excluding the Brawlers guild invitations. Today however I noticed the following items were up; a mount, a pet, BS plans, two T3 items and a heroic armor piece.

    Was this just a lucky day or has something been changed? I've always thought the BMAH should have more than 3 specials items up. I hope this stays. Anyone notice their BMAHs having more times too?
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    Some days they do up to 7 items, some days it's only brawler's invites.
    It's all random.

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    No difference on Alleria, sometimes you get a lot, sometimes only 1 useless item. Alleria basically only gets battered hilts, bracers and belts of t3, and useless argent tourny pets.

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    RNG is RNG.
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    RNG is RNG.
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