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    A random act of kindness.

    Do you ever do it/recieve it from strangers?

    Doesent have to be much. A stranger giving a simple compliment to another stranger can make someone's day so much brighter.

    Today It was like any other day. I was at the grocery store picking up some things.
    A girl next to me managed to trip and lose the hand cart and all the groceries fell out.
    She looked rather sad. Not becouse the she trip but i guess she was having a bad day.

    I simply said here let me help you with that and smiled. And i gave her a compliment at the same time. She was wearing some awesome boots and i said your shoes are amazing and i really like them!

    She just looked at me and replied.
    You have no idea how much that means to me. Gave me a hug and thanked me for making her day brighter.
    Made my day alot brighter to.

    It wasent much. It was just a real simple act and a random compliment to a complete stranger.
    I wish people did this more often.

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    I do them plenty of times but i rarely recieve them cuz ppl seem to be scared of me Xp something about looking like a sociopath/serial killer lol.
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    I have paid the checks of people at restaurants before, never completely at random though. If I see a young couple with a newborn baby or something like that. I do insist on anonymity, but I always sneak a peak at their reaction lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Regennis View Post
    I have paid the checks of people at restaurants before, never completely at random though. If I see a young couple with a newborn baby or something like that. I do insist on anonymity, but I always sneak a peak at their reaction lol
    That's a really awesome thing to do, kudos to you sir.

    I've done them before, only small things mind, most recent thing I did was to pay for someone's bus ticket, he got on and realised he had forgotten his pre paid ticket, nothing much really. I can't remember the last time someone did anything for me though.

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    Helped change a fellow bike commuter's flat a couple weeks ago in the -8*C-ish morning air. Nothing like a little heartwarming to offset the rampant frostbite.

    Of course, I have had this happen to me so really I'm just paying it forward.
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    I love this thread! I helped a guy on crutches today as he tried to pour water from a dispenser and all the plastic cups toppled over and he was struggling.
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    I do it all the time call them my daily good deeds once handed a homeless old person a ziplock packed with coins.

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    Only good deeds I do is holding open doors for people, otherwise everyone seems to be doing rather well where I live.
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    If I ever visit a couple favorite walk in joints in the shady parts of San Jose, CA or Berkeley, CA and am asked for spare change I usually just offer to buy them lunch/dinner as well rather than them potentially spending it on something negative.

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    Being my age, 18 (just turned 18 3 days ago) I find I am really one of the only ones my age that does stuff like this, and I don't know why I Just do.

    Usualy smile at people who look at me, no matter who they are, hold the doors open for people, compliment people for appearance, that really makes people smile. and just being friendly all the time or try to be, people appreciate it.

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    Well I do the normal things, let elderly folks take my seat on the public transport if it's crowded, help women(and men) to get their strollers on public transport etc. If I see someone struggling with something heavy I'll try and give them a hand, if I got the time.

    Was a girl with a stroller that really struggled to get up a slope 2 weeks ago or so that really lit up when I helped her up. It was really icy and the stroller was loaded not only with the baby but with groceries as well so it was a bit heavy for her, she gave me smile with the warmth of secondary suns. People really appriciate little things so keep on doing it dudes and dudettes.
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    Oh yeah and another one recently was on Christmas Eve when I helped a young mother into a Taxi as she loaded her shopping and she needed an extra pair of hands to fold up the pushchair and hold the baby

    Any chance to hold babies and I'm there!
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    I once saved cat from drowning in Thailand. Thats probably the most heroic thing Ive ever done. Otherwise just the usual, give my seat to old people on the bus, helping people with carrying stuff. Oh ye, once I fixed a lil boys bicycle chain. He was so devastated that he might have destroyed his brothers bike, his smile made my day

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    I sometimes hold the door open for people if that counts.

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    I think I do most of these things, like carry stuff for people, open doors, Ive paid for someone at a check-out. Often smile and say hello to people meeting in the stairwell or such.

    Acts of kindness dont really cost us anything and can just mean a lot to someone.
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    Every now and again I do. Somebody lets me cross the street at an intersection, ect.

    I know I try to do at least one a day. One particular one I do is when I go grocery shopping is to gather up and stack up all the carts near the cart-kiosk. I prefer to do it when the cart-guy isn't outside, so he gets a nice unexpected treat. ^_^
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