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    Steam Coupons Thread

    Several of us still probably have coupons from Christmas leftover. Now is the time to use them - they expire in 2 days! Personally, I don't have the money to spend mine, so if you have some you'd like to give away (or trade for), or would like to pick up some coupons, this is your place.

    Cross-post from Reddit...

    • 50% Valve
    • 50% Valve
    • 50% Valve
    • 50% Valve
    • 50% Valve
    • 33% Valve
    • 25% Valve
    • 25% Valve
    • 50% BIT.TRIP.BEAT
    • 50% Sanctum
    Thanks Soko<3

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    I have a 50% off portal 2 if anyone wants to trade! Just send me a pm, i'll have a look at your offers:P
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    I have the following if anyone wants:


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    I got 33% off Valve,33% off Space Marine,25% off Ubisoft and 50% off Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete

    If anyone wants any PM me.

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    Thank you soooooo much for reminding me.

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    I've got:

    - 50% off Valve
    - 50% off Rockstar Games
    - 50% off Hacker Evolution
    - 50% off Doom 3
    - 50% off Duke Nukem Forever

    PM me if interested in anything.

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    I have:

    Jamestown Deluxe Pack
    -50% L4D2
    -25% Valve
    -50% Valve
    -50% TokiTori
    -50% Dogfighter
    -50% Homefront
    -50% Oblivion GOTY (can be applied to GOTY Deluxe as well)

    If anybody wants one, PM me.

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    can anyone give me a 50% off coupon? i want to buy FM2012 =)

    Steam ID: xangria69

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xangria View Post
    can anyone give me a 50% off coupon? i want to buy FM2012 =)

    Steam ID: xangria69
    Don't think it works that way. The coupons only apply to the given developer (i.e. Valve will apply to L4D, CS, HL, and Portal titles), and I don't see any Sports Interactive coupons in the thread.
    Thanks Soko<3

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    oh you're absolutely right i was thinking like in the old days where Steam = Valve hehehe (now i feel old ;P )

    thanks anyway

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    Eh, would anyone toss me a Valve or Portal 2 coupon?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Samakuro View Post
    Eh, would anyone toss me a Valve or Portal 2 coupon?
    they're expired by now, they only lasted till 1 march.
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    Though I am little late to get this offer but I have used coupons for my savings and got plenty of discount more than I was expecting. The coupon you mentioned here was having a value but my friend used it and he was very satisfied with it. Actually I am using Best Buy for my shopping and getting its online discount from http://www.ezcouponsearch.com/Best-B...s_cm_3065.aspx and these coupons are actually working for me but I am also searching for better than this. So, please keep sharing if you get the coupon or deal far more better than this.

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    i almost like to do online shopping but i didn't find out discount about things that i want to bought so after few days i just seen a website which offers discount codes in huge savings which you can spend less and save more Actually I am using Ali Express for my shopping i have a good experience with this and i am refer you to go and check it out and get good discount that you deserved.

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    I got 2x: -25% off Pixel Piracy - just send me a PM if you want it, i have no intention of using them myself.
    valid until april 15th.

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