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    Question Rated BG match making calculation?

    Does anyone know how does match-making works in RBGs?

    Lets say I have a group with 10 people, while 7 of them have personal ratings below 1000 and there are 2 people who are on 1800 rating.

    Will we be draw against a team with around 1800 MMR or against a team close to 1000?

    Also, is there any explanation/guide that covers the draw procession?
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    come on guys!
    Nobody knows how RBG draw works?

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    Rating doenst have much to do with mmr, so you can't really tell which team you are going to be up against since most people probablx don't know their respective mmr. But just FYI, everybod starts at 1500 mmr with no games played.

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    At last, an answer! Thanks !

    so with a mixed rating team as above, we could get any (completely random) rating team as an opponent , or with more members on higher rating in my team we're going to be up against higher / better teams and with lower rating members we'll be up against lower / weaker teams in general?

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