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    There are male Blood Elves?

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    Feminine isn't the word I'd use. Flamboyant, perhaps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sxefluff View Post
    I don't know what game you're playing but they sound pretty cynical and deadly when I play a blood elf. Some of their animations aren't as masculine as other races, but none of them are feminine
    I agree with this.

    I think that most of the Horde players that call them gay/feminine simply do it because they only want real "monsters" in their faction. So as soon as a race like Elves comes along the male are more feminine than any female in the game because roar, blood and honor /flex

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    No, not feminine. Good looking studs, the kind you can imagine working as underwear models.
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    Dont have smth against long hair etc. ... but their horrendous posture, animations, placement of shoulder equipment etc. makes them unbearable for my taste. Not exactly gay or feminine, but these aspects are just overdone.

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    I do think they're yes, that probably why I never played one!

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