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    Beginner rune pages

    Hey all,

    I've not been play LoL too long, but I am coming up to level 25 soon, and I plan on focusing mainly on this game. I just have a few questions regarding runes: Currently I have 5 rune pages, should i make one rune page per role, and if so, what are the standard builds for each role?

    I also plan on spending IP on champions asap, but not until I have the runes I will require. What are the most basic runes for each role that I will need?

    Thank you in advance!

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    In general, there's some overlap between roles which you can use to get started with at least. Later on you can then specialise further.
    Keep in mind these are starting rune sets, not necessarily the most optimal rune sets.

    AD (AD Jungle, Marksman, AD Top, AD Mid, some supports)
    Hybrid Pen (very expensive, but best option for AP Mid and some supports). I don't really see the point anymore in buying MPen reds
    AS (AP jungle, tank jungle, a few AD junglers)

    Mixture of +health and +armour

    +Scaling Magic Resist

    Various options.
    * AD for Marksmen, AD Top, AD mid, Jungler
    * Movespeed for Jungler, Support, a few others such as Ryze
    * AP for AP Mid / Top / AP supports
    * Armour for tankiness.


    That should pretty much keep you sorted.

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    In addition to the excellent information Dulliath provided, allow me to add a few things:

    Reds - Get AD first, then fill out the rest of your book.
    AD- Every champ can use AD reds, even AP (lane harass, last hitting). Get these first.
    MPen- Get these before saving the 7300+ IP for HPen.
    Armor- Get these for support roles (If you're last pick, odds are you'll support before jungling)
    AS- Get these for Jungling.

    Yellow - My preference is +hp seals (+hp/level for solo lanes), but armor is solid
    +hp/level - My top pick. After the armor seal nerf, it's usually better to run these and Armor Quints
    +hp - Second pick for duo lane.
    +armor - Mandatory for Jungle, or use these in lieu of +hp.

    Blue - Mostly used for MR, but CDR and AP/lvl are also good.
    Scaling MR - Preferred for toplane/jungle
    MR - Preferred for Midlane/bot
    AP/lvl - If you're against a non-ap mid
    CDR - Support or certain casters

    Quints - Get AD first, then focus on the rest.
    AD - Every champ can use these.
    AP - Great for midlaners and some supports
    Armor - 2 quints = almost 9 Armor seals, and you still have a free quint slot.

    So, to summarize, you'll want to get AD reds, Armor/hp seals, MR flats/scaling, and AD quints first. That setup will work for any champion in the game, regardless of role. Fill out the rest with what we've said as you can (but definitely buy the champions you want first), and avoid most of the other runes unless you're going for specific champion setups, like Yasuo.
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    most mages share same ap page
    most adc also can use same page
    difference comes in who have different roles, like assassins, support etc, u can't use same runes for leona and morgana
    junglers also have different, top laners be bruisers or tanks, nasus have unique page for me

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    A little less aggressive advice; to get all those runes, it will cost you a TON of IP.

    For your first page, starting out ...

    you can just go with AD quints and reds, armor or armor/lvl yellows and MR/lvl blues. You could switch out the AD marks and quints on a support for something that will benefit you more; CDR, movement speed, whatever works for the champ and your style.

    This will help you with last hits and survivability as you get used to playing against more experienced players and get a feel for the quints you want for the champs you end up sticking with.

    You have to figure about 15k IP per rune page if all unique T3 runes. That is a lot of games for a new player.

    I think it'd be interesting if they switch philosophies and gave every new player a set of 'tier 0' runes (that can't be combined; or do that with T1 runes), since everyone will be working towards earning T3 runes anyway but sets up the new players getting used to runes and experimenting with which ones they'll want for T3 first.

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    I didn't spend any IP on any other runes until I got to tier 3. Aside from buying a few champs here and there, from 20-30 I had enough IP to buy 2 complete rune pages. As long as you focus on getting a rune page (or two) first, then you'll be fine by the time you hit 30.
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    I just have a rune page for AD champs and a rune page for AP champs.

    For AP I have magic pen marks, AP glyphs and quints, armor seals.

    For AD I have AD marks, lifesteal quints, armor seals, scaling CDR glyphs.

    That just leaves one for tanks, but rune pages are sooooooooo expensive, and I want all the champs that interest me before I blow all my ip/rp on rune pages for every champ.

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