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View Poll Results: What would you do if you found Horse meat in Beef product

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  • Would eat it, Meat is meat.

    205 67.88%
  • Would return it, No Horse meat for me.

    97 32.12%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reluctant View Post
    no problem with eating horsemeat but it shouldn't be labeled as beef
    +1 I'd like to try horse. I'd imagine it's similar to buffalo, just because horses aren't lazy cows, they get around

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    Quote Originally Posted by steveyboy View Post
    people have pet pigs and cows, should we stop eating them too?[COLOR="red"]
    It's just my opinion, I'm not saying it's right or wrong for you to eat horse meat, I'd just never do it out of principle.

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    Would return it.
    I have no problems with horse meat, but the chemicals the horse is fed on, and is still in that meat when it's turned to lasanga, is dangerous to humans.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Komati View Post
    Would return it.
    I have no problems with horse meat, but the chemicals the horse is fed on, and is still in that meat when it's turned to lasanga, is dangerous to humans.
    You would be eating horse meat bred for consumption, not some random horse that just happened to stroll into the slaughterhouse..........

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    No I wouldn't eat horse, I like horses, I only eat animals I don't give a crap about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steveyboy View Post
    Really don't see the point in complaining. I have had said products which have the chance of having horse meat in them and I really don't care.

    These people wouldn't be so fucking fussy if they were starving like half the worlds population. They should be greatful they have easy access to food and focus on things that actually matter.
    Anything can be discredited if we use this argument. Hence why we dont, because its pointless.

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    I don't think the issue is so much that it's horse meat, but rather that the labeling is a lie if it's a 'beef' lasagne. I read a story about a Tesco sausage having a human tooth in it, so you never know what they will put in meat products if you can't trust the label! The suppliers are often from all over the globe.

    What is to say that horse was healthy when it was butchered too? The standards that would be in place to ensure no nasty stuff enters the food-chain might not be in place for horses.

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    Honestly at that point they should really just be honest. If it's horse meat, label it as horse meat, and if I didn't notice the difference when they weren't telling me, I'll keep right on buying it.

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    I'd eat it, just like I'd eat the muscle (except heart/maybe tongue) of any vertebrate. However I'd would really like to know how it was killed and if it was raised for that purpose etc. I'm pretty sure horses are much smarter than cows and sheep etc so one would have to be careful as to how they kill the horse without being cruel.

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    Someone has committed foal play.

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    I'd eat it, but I'd get the inspection on it ASAP. If they lie about what kind of meat is in my food, what else are they lying about/not telling me? The list of ingredients is not optional, you know.

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    I would return it. The fact that the regulation is so poor that "mystery" meat ends in the final products is a serious issue. And that evidence of even wider contamination has been sat on for over a week (the food was eventually withdrawn), indicates the contempt the government have for consumers. I have friends who have to come to terms with the fact that they have been eating unidentified meat for months. I can't think of any terrible horse puns to throw in I'm afraid, for any unfortunate consumares out there.

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    I don't mind the fact that it was horse, it's the mislabeling that I'm not happy with. It's a good job I'm not much of a fan of beef in the first place.

    One of the concerns that they are having is that they don't know of the horse meat was contaminated with bute which should never have entered the food market in the first place. Not sure if they've ruled this out yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steveyboy View Post
    You would be eating horse meat bred for consumption, not some random horse that just happened to stroll into the slaughterhouse..........
    This isn't strictly true. The horse meat is imported from a source in Romania and the standards that are being met aren't verified. This isn't just Britain though, it's also France and the Netherlands.
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    If the meat is clean (ie: not infected with something) I don't care tbh. I think the main the government is doing so many tests is to find out whether the meat is contaminated or not.
    Reading this forum makes me glad that Watcher has his head screwed on correctly.

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    Would eat it, Meat is meat.
    Dat unknown horse pumped full of steroids and all that horse tranq shit. No thx.

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    Couldn't care less, it's produced in France, wtf do you expect.

    However, that lasagne also contained pain killers which can cause cancer.

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    I wouldn't have an issue eating it, if it was labeled. I don't want to eat meat that's horse meat but labeled as beef, that means someone somewhere along the line fucked up.

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    if i order horse meat, i would eat it... but why the hell should i eat something i didnt order?

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    If it's good enough for Khal Drogo it should be good enough for everyone else.
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