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    Grapple Weapon not showing on my character?

    Hello, I play a BE Male Brewmaster monk and I've getting this bug (I hope it's just a bug) lately. That when I use Grapple Weapon I don't get to hold my opponents weapon. I'm still using my own even tho I got the buff which says that I'm wielding opponents weapon(s).
    I've sent in bug report ingame, and searched google if anyone else had this problem but I didn't find anything at all.
    Could this be a race-related bug or something? Or are there anyone else out there?

    (I don't read on monk forum/posts often so if this has been taken up lately by someone else then I'm sorry)
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    I don't believe that you actually get to use their weapon. Just that you get a buff if it's better. ie. There is no visual

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    According to Wowhead comments and all other info I can get (we even get a buff that says "You are wielding your opponent weapon(s)". Not the performance increasing buff, we get another one.), it SHOULD show. I've also seen in PvP a few monks grappling shields/1h and wielding them, but it doesnt show up on my character for some reason.
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    Not a bug, the weapon itself has to be better than the one you're using. If it's not, you don't get the buff and you don't use their weapon's model.
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    Even if I get to hold a better weapon it still doesn't show for me tho.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Broloth View Post
    Not a bug, the weapon itself has to be better than the one you're using. If it's not, you don't get the buff and you don't use their weapon's model.
    Yeah but what he's saying is that where you originally got the weapon model on your back previously, it's been weirding out lately and giving you all the bonii without actually displaying the weapon you stole sometimes.

    EG - you can now disarm pretty much all Heroic dungeon bosses, whereas at the start of MoP you couldn't. All of these provide the benefits that come along with stealing a better weapon. But sometimes I'll disarm Harlan and have a chunky axe sling over my back, other times it won't show up at all.
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    It is probably a bug, as some put it, sometimes it works and other times not - even with grappling the same weapon.

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    Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

    There's no clear "When it happens" and "When it doesn't happen" to it.

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    I've noticed that, around 5.1's launch and shortly before it, it was consistently displaying the stolen weapon. Since mid-december or so, I haven't noticed it anymore though.

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    I personally always get the weapon weather its better or not, never noticed it not being there, mind you i am vein and like to say in my head ''yo weapon is mine brah!''

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    Yea I also noticed that sometimes the weapon that is being grappled is displayed, while other times it does not. Might it be a visual bug?

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    I've always assumed that depending on what weapons YOU use, like fist weapons for example, which don't show up in combat, that after it displays on your back for a split second it also disappears. Whereas if you're using a staff or polearm, that DO remain visable in combat that the grappled weapon would continue to display.

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