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    starting up lock

    any clue as to what spec is best for lvling and which one fits best doing dungons? like are any of the 3 superior. while am at it is crit or haste better at lower lvls and best enchant ignoring price what is the best? wanna lvl up as quick as pos while maxing the gear. have some fun in bgs to maby.
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    I've been leveling with Aff and Destro, and I've found both to be fairly similar in kill speed and survivability for solo questing (at least up to level 75). Aff is terrible in really low level dungeons though, trash dies so fast that your DoTs never tick and you can be outdps'ed by the healers easily because of it.

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    pick destro, its also awesome in low lvl bg's. At higher levels I found demo better - when u get felguard (if u're planning to do some bgs, if not - stick to destro)
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    Destruction will most likely be the best spec for you to start up as. It's pretty much staple for raiding so it'll do fine during low-level dungeons etc, etc. Affliction is really only for arenas and select boss fights in HFC.

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    I'd like to throw out there that anything can cope with levelling at all and demonology is a really fun spec. It's obviously being changed significantly, but Shadow Priest is getting a lot of its toys. I'd recommend checking it out.

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    From my experience I'd say destro is probably the best leveling more so when you get shadowburn as now a days when leveling things arent up long enough for you to get enough embers or casts off so you havoc shadowburn or just shadowburn the mobs when they're at lower health and then when you come to a boss you just offload your chaos bolts. that's my experience at least

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    cool, thanks for input guys^^ had started as affliction. went pretty well dotting around adds but gonna try out destro.

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    If you have heirlooms and a weapon with elemental force, start as Demo. Corruption everything and run withour even looting. You will level ultra fast. The stranglers can die with a chaos wave/HoG. Extremely fast.
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    It can proc on dots and does damage. Before 60 this damage is insane.
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    I've leveled multiple locks and with all 3 specs. They're all pretty good for leveling. However at low levels I recommend destro for dungeons. Affliction and demo just doesn't have fast enough dps to keep up with the rest of the group like destro does.

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    it's still possible to take green spell? i'm starting a new toon too

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    Yeah the green fire quest is still available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigsuirlife View Post
    it's still possible to take green spell? i'm starting a new toon too
    Yeah, the quest is still in the game. The title is no longer obtainable though.

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    welcome to the awesome side.
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