View Poll Results: Should Garrosh Heirlooms stay in-game after 6.0?

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  • I want the heirlooms to stay!

    13 36.11%
  • I want them removed in 6.0!

    9 25.00%
  • Don't care.

    14 38.89%
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    Arrow Garrosh Heirlooms - Should They Stay or be Removed in 6.0?

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    I'd rather have them removed. I haven't gotten any personally, but i think its cool for the people who got them that they have something "special".

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    I've gotten my flex version, so I guess I voted "don't care". They probably won't be necessary anytime soon as people are getting their boosted characters with WoD and, with the level boost service being new and available in the cash shop now as well, I imagine that many characters are just buying their way up anyway.

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    I'd rather they stay, simply because they're the only way to get certain Transmogs as Alliance.
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    Don't really care. Only got the mace so far, which doesn't even look good. I'd like to have the staff, but if I don't get it...whatever *shrug*

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    Aren't they staying but being removed from loot table?
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    They arnt being removed from the loot table in 6.0 they are being removed when WOD drops. 6.0 is the pre patch --x.0 has always been the pre patch x.0.xxxxx is the expansion

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    Meh, don't care to be honest. If you're so dead set on having a weapon that scales from 90-100 after getting to 100, go crazy. Won't see me farming em up though.

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    Actually on Twitter it was stated they would be removed when "draenor unlocks", something very different.
    They will remain obtainable as long as SoO is relevant, until the release of the expansion and raising of the level cap.
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